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2.1 update?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1386points) August 4th, 2008

I just want to make sure that when you update to the 2.1 firmware that everything is erased and all jailbreaks and unlocks are done away with and the pwnage tool doesn’t work with it yet, right?

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Correct. I would hold off on the update if your phone is jailbroken.

More info here.

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wait…there’s a new 2.1 update for the iPhone?

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What about ziphone users? Should we update or wait till jailbreak for 2.0 comes out? Or will it be available for 2.0.1?

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Zibri has reported no more jailbreaks with ziphone, your waiting for nothing, just get winpwn for Windows or pwnage tool if you run Mac.

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no more ziphone?!?!?!?! D-:
When did he announce this?!?!

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A long time ago, maybe before 2.0 was ever released.

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Minor correction: that’s the 2.0.1 update; 2.1 is still in beta and promises some new features (purportedly copy/paste and location-based GPS for turn-by-turn).

I’d second the others’ suggestion and not go there if you have an unlocked/jailbroken 2.0.

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