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If you had to pick a different time period, what would you choose and why?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) August 4th, 2008

The key to this being that you have to live through that time period. You can’t Quantum Leap or time jump around to your favorites. Pick one over all.

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Roaring Twenties
The Beatnik Era
The late 80s

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The 25th century would be pretty nice.

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If I had to pick a period up until now, it would be now. I like this period. It has fast internet.

If I can pick something in the future, then I’d pick the time about 80 years before the world ended. That way, I’d have faster internet and I’d die before the world went kablooey.

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The 60s for sure. Free love baby. Peace!

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Can we travel into the future? If yes, I’d choose 2012 just to rub it in all the apacolyse-lovin idiots that think the Earth is going to magically blow up. Or, gasp, witness the final minutes of life on Earth.

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The 1800’s because life was simpler and honest. I also would like to ride horses. My great grandfather called them the good old days. I fully trusted his judgement. I would not have missed all the toxins and polution we create today.

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Being racially mixed, female and particularly tall I’d choose now, or the future I guess.

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Hmm, the 40s had such great clothes…but civil rights had a long way to go. The early 80s were good to me…a teen at the time…girls just wanna’ have fun, punk rock and sex before AIDS, or at least before we knew about it!

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The Golden Age between WWI and WWII, and I want to live in Europe.

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@mrJ…loved Quantum Leap…loved and will deeply miss Journeyman :(

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@Chuck: You don’t know that. For all you know the human race may be extinct and Earth reduced to a radiated waste land.

Provided I was able to take some equipment with me and take a few survivalist courses before I left, I’d want to travel to the Pliocene era and teach early human ancestors how to play on portable video game systems, only to drive them mad when battery power dies out.

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I see that there is a similar question posted on the list on the right. grrr. I did try to search by keyword because I noticed someone posted the question on why are questions repeated on Fluther. I did not want to re-question.

My own answer would be to live in that transition of 50s to 60s. To read that history is one thing. To live it is another and I feel at a great disadvantage to understanding that generation beyond what the history channel and web show us. I don’t feel I honor the generations before mine as much as I should.

I would want to go through the transition of trust to distrust and social change with them to understand it better.

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@MrMC- Then I would be assured that I was the most important person on Earth. Quite a boost to the old ego!

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I didn’t think of it that way. Way to go!

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i would totally go to the 60’s 70’s… hippies, sex, drugs, rock and roll, civil rights movement, and all the great sports that happened. peace and love.

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1920s Paris. The freedom, the art, the literature, music, and the drinking and drugs are just so romanticized in my mind. The clothes were awesome too.

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If I could travel back to the past, it would definately be November 22, 1963 at the Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas (for those who are still stumped, it was the sight of JFK’s assassination). After writing a research paper on the matter, the conspriacy theories have since troubled my mind. In order to lay my mind and millions of others minds to rest, I would be honored to prove/disaprove Lee Harvey Oswald as the assassin. I wouldnt intend on trying to save the president (for that is far beyond my capabilities) but instead try to rightfully convict the assassin. Assassinations, such as Dr. King Jr’s, have supported a great deal of conspiracy theories but none has matched the mystery and lack of closure quite like JFK’s death.

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I wouldn’t mind to have been born 10 years earlier then I was born. So 1981. Why? Because I would have been able to see computers and the internet expand, yet not from a point where they were unknown to everyone. I like quite a bit of music from the 80’s and it would mean now (2008) I’d be able to work in a job I enjoy as I’d be old enough. Plus I wouldn’t have to put up with all those annoying kids at school who’s standards have gone downhill since the turn of the ‘00’s. So nothing adventurous compared to some others ;)

Oh. And Quantum Leap is awesome.

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The dawn of human life.

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A Chicago Law enforcer during the prohibition time (Fighting Capone’s gang) in the mid to late 20’s & early 30’s (I’m sure I would not have any chance to survive that long)...
A teenager in the mid 80’s anywhere :)

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Realistically speaking, I wouldn’t want to be a female or anything other than a white male in any past periods, due to the ridiculous bullshit they had to put up with. I’m quite content with our day and age, and with Obama on the horizon things are lookin up!

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The Begining of Creation (The Garden of Eden)before mankind’s fall .
Why? because we’d be in perfect environment a paradise with no sin, sorrow, illness, violence, death. We’d be with God again because sin wouldn’t exist.
Than again I think Jesus’s coming on earth to save us and bring those who believe wouldn’t be necessary . So I can say I know I want to be in Paradise before it was lost or Paradise regained, anytime in God’s eternity and his awesome presence

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I’d go with you, just to eat the apple to see what really happened

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I would be a pirate in the caribbean in the 1600’s. Chugging rum and trying to get some booty everyday. Just experiencing the life of a real scurvy dog. Swarshbuckle or go home you landlubbers. I would whip Blackbeards ass, take his doubloons and move to Canada. Pirates settle Canada and the history of the world is changed forever.

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About 40 years from now, if the civilization does not self-destroy, progress would be mind-boggling.

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Definitely would prefer to be at least a few hundred years into the future. Hopefully mankind would have colonized other planets by then. Otherwise, 60s and 70s :-)

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Well.. if it wasnt for women being treated like garbage throughout history and not having any real independence or rights of their own. I would have loved to live in the mid to late 1800s. Their furniture, decor and clothes were so amazing :)

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I’d like to live in the Twilight Zone in any era.

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