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What do you want me to ask you?

Asked by MrMeltedCrayon (2804points) August 4th, 2008

I recently signed up to volunteer at COSI (Center of Science and Industry), a museum here in Columbus that focuses on providing a fun, hands on approach to educating children in the fields of science and technology. I went into the meet the volunteer supervisor to schedule an orientation date and to figure out what I might be interested in doing. She sat our small group of potential volunteers (there were three of us, if I recall) and did the usual line of questioning; “Why do you want to volunteer with us? When you thinking COSI, what comes to mind?” and so on and so on. Toward the end of our little interview, she asked us a question that I, personally, have never been asked before – “What do you want me to ask you?” I was a little dumbfounded, but managed to stumble upon something at least a little interesting before making myself look like a complete idiot.

So tell me Fluther, for I am ever so curious… what do you want me to ask you?

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Anything your little heart desires.

(BTW, bad interview question in my book.)

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Questions that make me think, that promote lively debate – but not heated arguments!
I know, it’s a fine line…

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@Marina: I thought it was interesting enough, but it really caught me off guard quite a bit. We just happened to be sitting next to a poster for a film on prehistoric sea beasties they were going to start showing, so I pointed to the ancient whale and asked “What’s your favorite prehistoric mammal?” Apparently it was funny.

@ Augustian: Hah, that is indeed a very, very fine line.

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“Why did you have that last shot of tequila?” is always a corker. Preceded by “Why did you spend the night in that tree?” pre-preceded by “Where are your shoes?” etc. all relevant, all fun.

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I want you to ask me questions about anything you don’t know, that I know something about, then when I answer we’ll both know, and thus strengthen the collective.

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Another Flutherer from Columbus…. excellent.

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i <3 COSI too

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I think you have asked enough questions. It’s my turn to ask. :)

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One way of dealing with confrontational questions is to describe how they make you feel.
“That question really caught me off guard. Let me think about it and drop you a note.”

They are really unfair and designed to put the interviewee in a defensive mode.

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It’s not a fair question to ask, unless she really wants to know how you think on your feet. I agree with @gailcalled.

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