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How come the sink in my kitchen doesn't have an overflow drain?

Asked by AstroChuck (37395points) August 4th, 2008 from iPhone

Each sink in my bathrooms has an overflow drain but not in my kitchen sink. I was just over at my parents’ house and the same is true over there. Why would that be? Do any kitchen sinks have them? Does yours? Why wouldn’t they?

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I haven’t seen any kitchen sinks (or large system sinks) that have overflows…

good question!

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Hmmm…darned if I know why. Now you’ve gone and made me think. Thanks! :)

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Dammit you’re right! weird

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Probably because they assume that kids are usually using the bathroom sink (and tub), and responsible adults are usually the ones to use the kitchen sink.

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Maybe it’s that Kitchen sinks are bigger and also that when people wash dishes they fill their kitchen sinks with water so they can soak the dishes.

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I can see why they wouldn’t want an overflow in any sink involving food matter. Food scuz going down the overflow would leave deposits on the internal walls of the overflow conduit, which would hardly ever get flushed with fresh water. That deposit would turn into a smelly roach buffet which would be almost impossible to sanitize.

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My kitchen sink is a double and if one side were to overflow then it would go into the other side, provided it wasn’t plugged as well. But what about single kitchen sinks? Do they have overflow drains? If so, may I have answered my own question?

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Damn I’m eating Harp, that’s vile :P I would go and check now but I’ll look strange as my brother has two mates over down stairs. I’ll go down later when I tidy up my food ;)

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Sorry, Skyrail
Just found this:
“Laura Roenitz, senior market analyst for Kohler, provided the following response and it probably applies to other brands of kitchen sinks.

Kohler kitchen sinks do not have overflow drains for a couple of reasons:

• The overflow is not necessary, because the saddle (the part between the sinks) usually is lower than the rim. In most cases of double basin kitchen sinks, the second drain acts as an overflow of sorts.

• An overflow drain creates an area that isn’t rinsed and sanitized often and can harbor germs. In kitchens those germs can contaminate food.”

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‘tis okay :)

I’ve just gone down and checked and…the kitchen sink has an overflow. I don’t quite know what to make of that :S

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Skyrail- Is it a double basin sink?

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hmm.. the double basin in my kitchen at home is higher than the countertop alone, and the medium is just as high as the rest of it.

One day it won’t surprise me if we have pressure sensitive flaps, and when enough pressure is on the seal it will drain, as an overflow would.

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@sky; here is where the comma matters. “Damn I’m eating Harp.” Perhaps, “Damn, I’m eating, Harp.” Of course, we have talked about the taste of human flesh.”

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@AC – nope it’s just a plain single basin with runner thing

@gail aww man, it never occured to me when I typed it but now you’ve put it that way I have to laugh haha.

nom nom nom doesn’t taste so bad actually

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@sky:Does Harp know that?

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Gail, Thanks for clarifying that! I was beginning to think that sky was eating Harp, and was wondering if I was missing something.

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At this site, one never knows.

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Hehe, my grammar is awful sometimes :)

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@Sky; that was an issue about punctuation. Your grammar was fine.

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@Gail: and to call myself a native English speaker. One day I will get it right, one day!

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