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Anyone know of good sites for understanding IE CSS issues?

Asked by crisedwards (329points) August 4th, 2008

I have been making standard-compliant CSS/XHTML sites and they work great in all browsers except IE. I have a hard time diagnosing the issue, and I am on a Mac, so I got no IE to try it out on. New example I made: looks jacked in IE.

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Site looks fine to me…what is it supposed to look like? SS would be nice if you could post it.

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When I search Google for CSS bugs in IE, I often find myself at Position is everything.

If you think you’re going to be coding a lot of sites, you might want to install Parallels or VMWare Fusion and a copy of Windows XP. Then you can run IE6 and IE7 at the same time and test them as you go along. It’s much easier to code a bit of functionality and then test it in all the browsers than it is to code a whole site and then test at the end.

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@sumul, the problem with that is that you’d need to buy a copy of windows to install on Parallels or VMware Fusion (unless of course you’ve got a spare copy of windows).

I’ve been looking into this myself recently and in the end, the best way I found to run IE6 & 7 on OS X is to use the VPC images supplied for free by Microsoft to test IE6 & 7. The only problem is that you’ll need to set it all up again when Microsoft expires and then re-releases the VPC images (currently set for Sept 08), but it’s a small trade to be able to set it up for free…

There’s a guide for how to set up the Microsoft VPC images with VirtualBox of VMware Fusion here (read through the comments to find how to do it all on OS X using Completely free if you do it with VirtualBox, $40 if you go for VMware Fusion.

I installed MultipleIE on one of the VPC images and when comparing it’s version of IE6 with the original from the VPC image, it actually does render quite differently (esp. lists). I used to trust MultipleIE at my old work but now I’m not so sure.

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+1 for PositionIsEverything :)

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A lot of people seem to use ies4osx which allows you to run IE side by side with the mac browsers, for testing purposes…

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@benseven, I tried that but when I compared it to a proper install of IE6 on a windows machine, it rendered differently (not to mention it was very buggy). The IE6 you can install with crossover seemed to be more accurate and a bit less buggy but I figured if I’m going to pay for crossover, I may as well spend a little more and get VMware Fusion and do it properly (and be able to test IE7 & 8 as well).

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Interesting to know.
I’d say give Virtualbox a try, JP seems to like it for his virtual machines and it should do the job fine…

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I’m amazed at how common it is in these threads for people who seem to be doing business as web developers to balk at the idea of spending $80 on Parallels or VMWare, and maybe the cost of a Windows license (if you don’t already have one). Buy the right tools! It’s crazy to dink around with these hacked-together apps that crash constantly or force you to restart all the time just to save a few bucks. If this is your business, it’s worth the money to do it right, you’ll make up for it in time- and headache-saving with one or two jobs.

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You called Windows and IE “the right tools” – webdevelopers should know better ;-)

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It’s funny that my question was about fixing CSS issues and it turned into a debate about virtualization. :P

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@crisedwards, sorry. Didn’t mean to.

@Tone, I’m happy to spend money on programs for my work if it’s needed but in this case, solely for testing IE, there’s no need to buy a copy of windows.

Confronted with the option of spending £140 on a new copy of windows just for IE testing or using the official VPC images (which are made to be used for testing) for free I think any business who doesn’t have money to throw away would choose the free option.. Especially when they essentially work in exactly the same way.

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If IE6 is your main concern, then it’s not worth spending much time on it since IE6 is quickly going by the wayside. I’ve been doing a lot of testing in IE8, and it’s working just fine.

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@crisedwards: so i looked into your site and i also had a similar problem earlier last night. To fix it in IE, heres what you do

for the body tag, add this code “text-align:center;” and it should be fine. I would recommend putting it in a conditional style sheet for ie6

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@winblowzxp, about 25% use ie6, still so you should spend some time on it.

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You all are awesome. Second Fluther question out and I am super happy with the support here.

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I didn’t say spend no time, just not a lot.

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