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How often do you change your avatar?

Asked by stratman37 (8678points) August 5th, 2008

and what influences your decision?

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Only once (from a random jellyfish) The file has to be under 2MB and all my pics are over that size. (i cant be bothered resizing)

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When I feel like it. For example, I decided to use this new (taken yesterday) picture of some wildflowers (and that answers the ‘what influences’ part of the Q) near my home town.

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good input so far, I only ask ‘cause I’m a newb and I saw someone do it the other day.

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<———I changed mine so that people could see my art, what low res it is anyways.

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On Fluther – never; and only rarely on iRovr – the social site I frequent.

I get confused when others change theirs, so I keep mine unchanged for consistency.

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I don’t have one

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Very rarely do I change mine, unless I’ve made a comment about one of my animals. And only then, will use that photo so they are able to see whom or what I’m speaking about. Did that make sense?

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Rarely on fluther, I may switch between this one and a photo of me once in a while but for now I’m okay. On other sites it entirely depends on how active I am and how I feel at the time :)

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Any time, any place, i may change my avatar. I do it very randomly. Sometimes an image will be there for weeks, other times maybe only hours.

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Never ever never. u_u

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every time i find a better ava ^^

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I believe in consistancy. My grandmother’s vase and flowers from my daughter’s garden.

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When the mood hits.

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Just to make a point… and only temporarily then.

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I never have. I still have the original jellyfish that fate gave me. I guess I kinda like it. I’ve named him Fred.

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once in six months.

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Very often. I like change.

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Not often because I don’t like change myself. Ive been thinking of changing the clothes on my current avatar, and THAT would be going wild for me.

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@Loser; I wish you would consider changing your name. My ex- is named Fred and HE is the loser. G

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Well, now that is ironic!

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@Loser; Forgot to tell you that driving home today, I scared a Great Blue Heron from the pond that my neighbor and I share. He (Heron) was fishing… wading in the shallows on his delicate dancer’s legs. You might have enjoyed it

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another change, since I was out and about with the camera again yesterday…

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A change for me today… but if you look closely, you’ll see that I’m maintaining a consistent theme.

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I like it!

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I’ve never crapped in mine, so it doesn’t need changing.

But, if I ever do…

September 3, 2008, 4:13 AM EDT

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