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Can you help me find scholarly articles on 'Advantages and Disadvantages of Equities and Bonds as Investments'?

Asked by TheRPGisdead (2points) October 27th, 2016

I tried using several different data bases and tried looking up different terms. “Stocks vs bonds”, “advantages and disadvantages of equities”, “advantages and disadvantages of bonds”, etc. I am looking for something current and not an article for a website.

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How elementary an article do you want? That is, how much do you already know about the financial instruments themselves?

Because one thing that few “scholarly articles” would tell you, I think, is “advantages and disadvantages of either of these vs. the other”. Advantages and disadvantages would be wholly dependent upon the individual investor. Those aspects would deal with the individual’s:
– risk tolerance (and as well, the “perception of risk” that the individual has);
– investment time horizon;
– current inflation outlook;
– starting net worth;
– employment situation

These could all be interlinked and very much age-dependent as well as temperament-dependent. For that reason an article that purports to be “scholarly” (and by that I mean “objective”) will have a hard time dealing with such subjective aspects of investing as an individual’s psyche.

So the starting question still remains: How much do you already know? (That is, “really know” and not just “think you know” or “heard from some people” know.)

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Have you tried a business database available at a library – although most business periodical articles are not necessarily scholarly?

Business Source Elite is one such database. Conversely, an introductory book on investing should give you a nice basic discussion of the topic.

I assume you don’t need us to pontificate here but rather are looking for help in fulfilling an assignment.

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That is precisely the issue I am having, the topic itself is far too broad and opinion based. So I guess what I am really looking for are statistics and other facts in order to make an argument for both sides. Perhaps information on what method of investment is more widely used, what method yields more capital on average for American investors, approval ratings for both methods, specific examples of worst/best case scenarios, etc. As you can tell by my speech I know very little. I understand the basics of both methods, I can sort of explain how they work and can come up with pros and cons for both on my own. Finding the proper resources to cite and explain this is another story. It’s for an introduction level course and most of what I am finding is in over my head, so yes, elementary should be fine. It just can’t be from a website article.

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Visit a large public library or academic library and ask there for help. We librarians are helpful people (this isn’t my area though)

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So now there’s two librarians telling you that you should visit a library. Obviously, there are a lot of varying opinions about investment strategies and your job will be to gather some data and then critically evaluate it.

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