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What is your favorite NES Music?

Asked by simone54 (7616points) August 5th, 2008

I’ll tell ya mine later.

Make links from here.

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I love the Hammer Bros. theme in Super Mario 2! Thanks for the link!

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Wow I just spent a good 45 mins at that site. I love it. I hear the first second of some of them and it brings me right back to 8 years old sitting on the floor playing my ol nes.

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Great website. I don’t particularly have a so called “favorite one“just because they are just tons good ones up there. But if I had to choose it would be anything Double Dragon related. :)

Like the previous person mentioned it brings tons of good memories. Now I feel the need to find some Nintendo games.

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Zelda – once a classic; always a classic. Makes me feel adventurous.

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my favorites would be wild gunmen and duckhunt (oh god what a cliche)

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I would have to go with Zelda also. Either that or Super Mario Bros

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Castlevania, I used to play it at night with the lights off, it was scary :)

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The first stage of Ghosts ‘n Goblins for sure. (This Textile implementation doesn’t like links with apostrophes in it’goblins-_stage_1.mid )

All the music in Gradius is great but I love the first level’s the best (probably because I played it a million times).

Though I hadn’t played it much on the NES, I played the hell out of the arcade version of Bubble Bobble and whenever I hear the theme I’m instantly in a happier place.

They only had the title music to Commando which is nowhere near as good as the in-game or ending credits music so I won’t link to it.

For what its worth, MIDI sucks for these songs. Some people have made some really great chiptune renditions – I’ll try and find some links.

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Duck Tales!

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Air Fortress and California Games. Pretty much all of them lol

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