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What would be your main concerns after having a head transplant?

Asked by LornaLove (9931points) October 28th, 2016

Apparently, head transplants are going to be possible in the very near future. I’m trying to imagine waking up with a donor body and my thoughts and feelings regarding this.

I have a rather active imagination and to be honest, some parts of this idea I find quite repulsive.

I find it hard enough to accept my own body, so, with that thought, what would freak you out about your new body, which parts would matter and which would not?

For example, I’d be mortified if my dear donor had oddly shaped toes or nobbly knees. I’d have to learn to love myself I guess? Care to share your thoughts?

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I would be concerned if my donor had a penis.

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I already have oddly-shaped toes. I’d be thrilled to have toes that don’t hurt literally all the time.

I think if I were in a position where my body was in such awful shape that I had to replace the lot of it, the aesthetics would likely be the least concern. I’d like to be as little pain as possible, and hope all the organs function normally.

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Is it your body and someone else’s head or your head and someone else’s body. Where’s the “you”? Have to say the idea freaks me out.

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Oh, silly me. I was wondering what my new head would look like. Don’t mind me.

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I’d be concerned about my spatial awareness of my new body.

I’d also be concerned about the digestive tract. I’d still want to enjoy a good burrito or huevos rancheros.

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My main concerns would be acclimating/adjusting to a new body that I have no prior knowledge of. Extremely bizarre to contemplate.

@janbb If it were my head on someone elses body it would still be my brain, my personality, my particular style of being. I would not want to inhabit someone elses head attached to my body, hell no…that would be a nightmare, it all sounds like a nightmare if you ask me. haha

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I remember seeing a film where something similar happened – it was a brain transplant rather than a head. For the life of me I can’t remember what it was called. A very beautiful woman had an accident and her body was destroyed. Another woman had a brain aneurysm (or something like that). So they took the brain from one and put it in the other woman’s body. So now, the beautiful woman has the plain woman’s body. It was an odd film, but interesting. The beautiful woman’s husband found it hard to cope with the new version of his wife. And I seem to recall, there were leftover memories from the other body – I think. It was quite horrible to think about really.

I don’t want someone else’s head. Well, maybe if it’s Waleed Aly’s head or someone equally smart and cool. Perhaps I can just take his brain.

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@Earthbound_Misfit, LOL, I think you may be talking about one of the classic worst B movies of all time, Donovan’s Brain, starring one of the classic worst B actresses of all time, Nancy (Davis) Reagan.

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It was a really bad film @Pachy, so I think you could be right! However, even though it was a terrible film, it did raise some interesting concerns. I don’t think I’d want to go through such a transplant. I asked my husband how he’d go if I had an accident and was returned to him looking entirely different to how I do now. Both of us agree, it’s the brain that makes us who we are. We didn’t really reach any conclusion about how we’d feel about it. I think it’s a horrible thought.

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I doubt we’ll be seeing head transplants anytime in the near future, but if they were available now I can think of a few politicians who might benefit from the procedure.

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:-) We can agree on both of those counts. Oh I’d love to volunteer a few of ours for brain transplants.

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I’d hope they put it the right way round & if I was now a woman, are my tits splendid?

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What if they weren’t @ucme? Or you got an old man’s body with your head and saggy balls!

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Saggy balls hahahaha!
Well @Earthbound_Misfit i’d have to deal with that in a mature, “it is what it is” kinda way

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:-) Yes. you would. I’d like to see that – not the saggy balls!

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You’d like to see me behave in a mature way…yeah, good luck with that ;-}

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:-) we are who we are. I’m not a fan of growing up and behaving in a mature fashion. I think it’s overrated. If you’re going to give it a go, make sure you let me know so I can watch.

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Of course, but be prepared for a long wait

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I’d be careful when I sneezed in case it fell off.

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I guess my concern would be that my new body looks nice with my head. No one wants to be a butterface.

I’d probably feel like Trigger’s broom heh.

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It’s funny; as often as I wish for a new body (one that works a little better than mine, which most do), I think I would have so many panic attacks if I were actually given one. It would feel so fundamentally unfamiliar. The differences would make me hyper-aware of every sensation in a way that I think would be really disturbing. It’d be sweet to have a colon again though.

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