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What to expect?

Asked by texan86 (7points) August 5th, 2008

Hi all! I am new here and it seems that this is a pretty cool website. Anyway, my question basically is how can I know if my girlfriend really loves me? I honestly have doubts because whenever I ask her to go out I feel that she finds excuses to not see me (e.g. I asked her yesterday to meet up @ the movies and she told me:“I don’t know, I need to finished up my studio blah blah. So yeah, what do you think? Thanks!

p.s we normally meet twice a month and we have been dating for the past 3 months or so.

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you meet only 2 times a month? how far apart do you live

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you meet 2 times a month?
Is this like a hookup thing?

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Find a new one :s

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how far apart? Sounds way too fishy.
Offer to help her with her studio and if she finds another excuse, it really makes it seem she’s blowing you off for obvious reasons.

As they say plenty of fish in the sea.

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We live quite apart from each other, about a 1 hour or so.

And no, this is not a hookup thing. lol.

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find somebody that lives closer, doesn’t sound like a serious relationship if you’re only seeing each other a couple times a month. She might also be making excuses because of the distance, gas is expensive.

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so what you are saying is that you have only seen her 6 times, that is dating for 3 months twice a month am i right? doesn’t sound like much of a relation ship, do you do it? ha do not answer that.

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do you do it? whats the point to answer that? haha. I just don’t want hurt her. therefore, you guys think I should end this or keep it going until its faded?

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honestly, questions about relationships are not the best subject material. it really is not up to us. it is up to how you feel. we cannot fully understand the situation because it is something you feel in your heart (or in other members of your body). do what you feel is right, thats all she can expect from you at least

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that’s right, fella. and thanks for the clever joke. lol

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i wasnt trying to be mean if thats how you interpreted it. but its really hard for a bunch of people people who dont know you, her, or the situation, to answer this question

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I was just joking too. no biggies.

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Why end it? It’s not taking up much of your time. How about: make sure
the two of you are clear about freedom to pursue other friendships (or whatever this is), and keep this one as well?

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I live an hour away from my beau (but I work closer to him)... I usually see him 3–4 times per week. Assuming that you are adults with your own means of transportation, she seems a bit nonchalant about seeing you.

Of course, the only way to know what she thinks and feels is to ask her directly.

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After giving some thought to the situation I think I should just keep a friendship with her. In other words I won’t ask her out again at least for next few weeks or so. Therefore, I can see how she is gonna react to it. Unfortunately, I really wanted this to work out. but hey at least I tried.

I feel like if I ask her directly she will see me as a desperate guy. What do you think?

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Well, are you a desperate guy?
And what’s so bad about that? You’re “desperate” to find out what’s going on,
what to do about her. Maybe she’d like to know it’s important to you. What kind of relationship is it if you can’t ask her questions about it?
If my boyfriend were asking himself (and others)
questions like this, I’d understand that he was serious and thoughtful. And you are!

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