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Do you buy too much clothing?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) October 28th, 2016

If you fit in any of these criterion then probably you are doing it. Let me know where do you stand?

Here’s the link

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No – probably not enough. Although I have too much because I rarely throw anything out.

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Yes. Way too much clothing.

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I haven’t bought new new stuff in a couple of years. Haven’t even bought thrifted clothes in close to a year. I’ve got enough. More than enough. I’m like @janbb – rarely throw anything out. That’s what I need to focus on.

I did get rid of some stuff that was too big about 3 months ago. Time to do it again.

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Nah. I’d rather spend my $$ on toys these days. Like a new MacBook Pro, maybe??

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Oh yeah. If I find something that fits well, is a good price, etc., I’ll buy two or three (in different colors of course). Jackets, sneakers, jeans, tee shirts, you name it. This year I bought those “huggable hangers.” Great investment. I got them really cheap at Costco. So worth it.

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What are ‘huggable hangers’? Tell me more @jca?

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A very thin hanger covered with velvet.

Plastic or wire hangers get into a twisted mess. I used to have the plastic ones but they actually take up a lot of space. These new thin ones can fit a lot of clothes.

The movie “Joy” with Jennifer Lawrence was about the entrepreneur Joy Mangano who invented the “huggable hangers” and also some other innovative mop. The hangers that I got at Costco are the same style as the “huggable” ones but are a generic copy, so less costly but the same style.

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Oh thank you @jca. I have limited closet space (a source of irritation in our house). This might be a solution. My husband thinks I have hanger addiction.

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I would say so. I have so many shirts that they do not all fit in my closet (it’s not a very big closet, but still). Although I buy nice new clothing sometimes, I also find great stuff at thrift shops and discount stores like Ross. I honestly lose track of all the clothing I have and forget to go through it and get rid of stuff I haven’t worn in months (or years, in the case of some neglected items).

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@earthbound_misfit – thinking of giving away any stuff?

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I do give stuff away @imrainmaker. Every now and then I go through my wardrobes etc. and give away things I’m never going to wear. I think it’s a good process. I’ll do it again over the Christmas break. Have a spring clean.

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I don’t buy too much clothing, but I have too much, for the same reason as @janbb, I’m just really bad at getting rid of stuff.

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If left to my my own devices, I would have maybe three outfits and one pair of shoes — which would be worn until they are threadbare or fall apart. I have done this. It annoys my wife to no end.

As such, she buys clothes for me (against my wishes), but she has pretty good taste and there’s no winning that battle.

So now, I have far too many clothes.

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^^ not bought buy you’re not to be blamed for that..)

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I own two pairs of jeans.

But don’t worry – they each have an almost identical smear of white paint on the same spot on the left knee, so it looks like I own one pair of jeans.

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^^ haha..did you do it on purpose?

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Nope, I’m just a klutz who paints sometimes.

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Nope, I do miss my favorite gypsy/belly dancer/bohemian clothing shop in my old zone that I loved and used to probably buy, at least a few. new items every couple of months there. Since I lost my financial solvency in the recession my wardrobe is pretty modest these days. I have enough, but I do miss being able to go on a little spree now and then, no more shopping sprees for me. I pick up a few things here and there at Ross, thrift shops etc.

This summer I found a source for cute little dyed/batiked indian cotton sundresses for $10.00 ea. I have about 8 of those I wore all summer long.

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@Coloma – Is this an online source? I would live in cotton sundresses if I could get away with it.

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@Seek No, it’s actually my local Ross. They had a ton of them all summer from $8.99—$9.99. Can’t beat it! I just looked at some of the labels, and Riviera Sun is the one I have the most of. They are on amazon I think but the prices are probably more than Ross.
The only drawback is you really need to hand wash them because they bleed and are delicate.

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