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Which plague has the lead in bedeviling your community.

Asked by stanleybmanly (22360points) October 29th, 2016 from iPhone

Is it the meth scourge or the opioid epidemic?

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Pegida and AFD shitheads.

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The plagues of nationalism and pseudohistory.

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Currently, unsolved shootings.

A friend’s son was killed the other day – shot while sitting on the patio of his condo with his wife and two young kids inside. No one knows why he was killed, and the police have nothing to go on, other than “two Hispanic males were seen leaving the condo complex.” which is a terribly stupid thing to even see in print in central Florida.

Orange County (that’s the county Orlando sits in) hit the 100 homicide mark this week. That’s 16 more than last year, and doesn’t count the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

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Dunno about plague proportions but i’ve spotted an unusually high number of those electric invalid buggy cars. They ride on the paths at crazy fucking speeds & beep at you to get out of their way.

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Payday loan shops.

Weaving salons.

Fried fish outlets.

Used tire shops.

Title pawn businesses.

Oversized wheel rentals.

Liquor stores with questionable beer and wine selections.

Would it really kill my neighborhood for it to have just one proper pub and coffeehouse each??

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Heroin use in the homeless population. For some reason all the city addicts have migrated up the hill here in the last few years and while my community has a new homeless shelter it is still a problem with homeless users.

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Housing price inflation, traffic, tasteless real-estate development & homelessness

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Is this all in the USA? Can we clarify this?

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I was referring to my country. I’m not from the US.

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Yep, USA here, California.

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Heroin here. At least twice a week a parent or both parents are found overdosed in their cars with kids strapped in the back seat. Yesterday a woman ran into a building with her car and 11 month old in the back. The paramedics bring them back to life with Narcan so they can go out tomorrow and do it all again. USA here.

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Heroin.(USA here, specifically Ohio)

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Too few parking spaces

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I think I’d have to say ‘integration’. I live in Europe and my immediate village has taken in many Syrian refugees and they are having problems settling in. We have a language school down the road the kids go to and there’s been violence among the kids and parents showing up getting involved in shouting matches. It’s hard to watch as a bystander. My immediate neighbour’s son isn’t Syrian, but from another country and he’s the only one in his language class that isn’t and he feels very isolated. I have neighbours from Poland, Thailand, England, Croatia, and they all have their own challenges. My neighbours from Croatia are amazing. Their Norwegian is really good and they host a language cafe’ at their church once a week to help people. I think I’ll take BBE while he’s here. His language skills are improving, but he still doesn’t speak it. It’s common to feel shy and embarrassed when trying to make the new, strange sounds, so having a place you can just let loose and have a go is important.

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Heroin is raging back but meth is still ruining peoples lives here.

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Alcohol abuse and street litter.

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