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If you started a band what would you name it?

Asked by Adina1968 (2747points) August 5th, 2008

You and friends are on the verge of being mega rock stars but your band needs a name what are you going to call it?

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The Flameboy Experience :)!

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Straight Up Awkward

The Snuggle Psychos

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Ambient Yeast

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The Photojournalists.

Sounds pop/punk.

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the cockblockers…

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Submarine Country.

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Shaken, not Stirred.
We will be playin at all the local bars until our curfew is up.

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We’re Colorblind When it Comes to Grey

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the old timers.

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I graduated from Carnegie Mellon, and my friends and I always wanted to start a rock band called The Carnage Melons – too bad none of us can sing… ;)

As a side note, I do have a friend who sings in a band called Pavlov’s Cats – I think that’s one of my favorite band names ever.

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Soggy Nachos

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Dr. J & The Flutherites

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this is something i have always wanted to use

“Weapon of Choice”

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Cheeses Of Nazareth.

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Purple Lurve Crayons.

And we’d be frickin’ awesome.

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Loser loves Fluther!

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Slickery Rock

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Troubling Brew

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“the brittpops” i’d get some “vintage” guitars, orange amps or older JCM marshalls with a slighty overdriven sound, wear silly hats and tight pants, and offcourse aviator sunglasses, shout a lot of “oi” and become an overnight succes…...

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Barnaby Higginbottom’s Traveling Emporium of Vitality.

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‘Iwamoto and the Power Tools’

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@peedub…good to see ya

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Thnx, likewise!

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Da Dolla Bill Counterfeiters…..
It took us 2 years to buy the equipment but it was worth it.

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News from Verona

old name was Midwest Romantics, and it sucked… lol

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Nostalgia Wax

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“The Olde School Beer-Drinkin Robots”

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I was in a band on time called From Inside My Shower. We practiced in one our guitarists, dorm bathroom. It was cool though.

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I’ve been in bands called:

The Ahab Effect
Lightspeed Psychology
Fishing For…?
Horatio’s Persuasion

Horatio’s Persuasion and Lightspeed Psychology were my ideas.

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here’s a great page, and apparently they’re REAL, ‘cause I saw the Dead Kennedy’s in there.

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The Awful Waffles

Large Marge and the Eighteen Wheelers


The Clammy Handshakes

50 Shifting Pounds

Next Stop Willoughby

Airborne AIDS

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Hellweg’s Creek

There’s a little body of water between where I used to live when I was a teenager and the town I used to really enjoy going to (as we had nothing to do in my town and this larger city was the closest thing we had to an urban area). There were two bridges, both said Hellweg Creek, I added the ‘s because I think it sounds cooler. I just always thought that would be an awesome name for a band.

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@WakeUp—I would listen to a band called Next Stop Willoughby even if I hated the music. A Stop at Willoughby is one of my top five Twilight Zone episodes.

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More important is if you are a cute teenage band. I mean my daughters spend so much money on the Jonas Brothers and there sort.

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Elephant Moon Disaster

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Burnt Marshmallows

or, to borrow from a very very wise source, She Likes Cloth.

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Lemon ‘n Lime

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depends on the style of course, and what message you want to get across. Here are the names of some bands I’ve been in:

The Wild Cats
No Connection Necessary (I liked that one)
The Basket Case

Probably all taken though.

a friend of mine had a band called “Walnut Conspiracy” which I thought was funny. And another friend is in a band called “The Lazy Pigs” and writes songs about being lazy.

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The other day I read a couple of stories which had titles that I thought would make great band names:

Ambient Sleaze
Practical Villainy

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Attractive Nuisance (legal term)


Pacific Rimjob (i used to date a Japanese girl)

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I wish Pansy Division wasnt already taken. (gay punk band)

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I forgot about this question, but now that it pops up again, just yesterday, I was reading that Soundgarden was named after their favorite sculpture which made me think, if I had a band, maybe I’d name it after my favorite sculpture, Spoonbridge and Cherry.

Also @Noel_S_Leitmotiv – I remember Pansy Division, I recall they opened for Green Day on their first huge stadium tour. Kind of struck me as weird that they felt they needed to so aggressively self-identify, because a) punk fans are generally quite socially liberal and generally don’t take issue with others’ sexuality, and b) we already HAD a mostly gay punk band….⅔ of Husker Du were gay and no one gave a shit.

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