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What's your small victory of the day?

Asked by Mariah (25863points) October 31st, 2016

I was dreading the end of the weekend because I thought my work for this week was going to be a huge hassle, but so far it’s looking like it’ll be a lot easier than expected.

What’s your small victory of the day? Just trying to focus on those little positives during this stressful election season.

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I woke up refreshed. My small victory is that I’m at work and being productive in the face of turmoil on every news site I visit and I only visit 2.

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Today, it’s reviewing the “Execution Plan” for a new contract that we just signed, and having a few good laughs. And several more bad ones.

After tonight: Having two or more bags of MoundsĀ® candy bars left over because no one comes to the old man’s house for Halloween any more. (I even turn the light on, and smile if they come up the walk.)

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I got of work a little early to vote. Now it’s time to shower kids with candy.

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After a very hectic weekend, I stayed home and finished course prep for tomorrow’s class, paid bills, did laundry and feel much more on top of things.

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I got my 92 year old grandfather to do something today that I had to pay my mother $1000 to do last year.

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Finally finding out for sure I have chicken mites….and that after
I use the appointed cream i can still have symptoms several weeks
to months after the final treatment.

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I woke up…one of these days down the road I won’t be so lucky.

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Saw Doctor Strange today. ‘Twas pretty good.

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I have to answer just as @Cruiser did.

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Mother thought her car was acting wonky. She came over and asked me to check her oil. It was nearly dry. So I drained her oil, new filter and topped her off.

And I paid my electric bill.

Overall a productive day. And I am in the process of making burritos.

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My hair is still in a braid more than 12 hours after I wrangled it in.

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Was able to work without much issues after a break of couple weeks due to illness.

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Worked ten hours, managed to get the whole family costumed and ready for beggar’s night on my scheduled breaks.

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Seek…. Please come over and take my candy. I will not get a single person but my mom got this for me incase. I don’t really eat candy unless they are sour patch kids.

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Dude. You know how I look young and stuff? I thought my costume would be too obviously Helicopter Parent. Turns out everyone thought I was a kid. About 400 billion people asked where my candy bucket was. When we said there was just the one, they just dumped more candy into it.

As a result, it took two trips back to our friend’s house (to empty the overflowing candy bucket) just to get around one small neighborhood.

I think we’re set until New Year’s at least.

Family photo before leaving the house

Family photo halfway through trick-or-treat


Also, Ian threatened to reap the soul of a thousand year old man who told me I would get fat if I ate all that candy. I’m so proud.

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^^Great costumes and the middle shot is extremely good.

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Ripped through the Sudoku….

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I’m having a horrible day at work, BUT…just found out my boss is going away until next Tuesday (is it wrong to hope he doesn’t come back?)

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Have gotten my looming project two-thirds of the way done. Tapped the ball back to my client to collect the remaining information.

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Taught first of two Fall classes. It went really well.

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Avoided a bout of gout. I felt it building in both knees and ankles when I woke up yesterday and have been living on fruit and water since. The pain is almost gone now, major bloody victory. That could have put me in bed for a week in big-time pain. Sent out for some Colchicine, which has become extremely expensive in the past couple of years. Now, I won’t have to worry about that anymore. That could’ve really screwed this job up. My first make would have to have done all the work, if I could even get out of bed to take a charter. They’d have to strap me to the wheel and the constant wave movement would have been unbearable. That would scare the tourists, I’m sure.

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No, Penguin. Close call.

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