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Would you choose love or respect?

Asked by Sneki95 (6997points) October 31st, 2016

If you had to choose which would be your choice:

Would you choose to be loved, but not respected, or hated, but given respect?

It refers to every type of relationship with humans and non humans.

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Love from my family respect from my enemy’s .

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@RedDeerGuy 1 You can choose only one in every possible circumstance. That is what the last part meant.

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Love without respect is not real love. You cannot truly love someone without respecting them as well.

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I will say loved, but it is a false dichotomy. One cannot love something without respect.

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@Cruiser Hey, you back!
Now prove your statement.

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@Sneki95 I would choose to be respected . Love without respect is like a captured Pegasus. Sunny Muffins NSFW video on love without respect

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I have to say respected. While I think most people would prefer to be loved unconditionally, if there is no respect that would affect how people treat me. Someone who loves me, could treat me like shit and/or could try to control my life with no ‘respect’ for my best interest, my needs or my wishes. Someone who respects me would value my feelings, needs, wants and my right and ability to live my life on my terms.

I’m thinking of a personal relationship.

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If I have to pick one, it would be respect.

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Respect. How can you love someone you don’t respect?

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@Sneki95 I will offer my 22 years of marriage as proof that mutual respect for each other will carry the water of a loving relationship.

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If you mean that how everyone would react towards me, then that would stink either way.

Still, either way, I’d choose loved but not respected.

Hated but respected describes someone who may do me ill in one way or another, and sends evil vibes my way. I can handle that but I prefer to have none of it.

Loved but disrespected isn’t that big a deal, as long as it’s not the best relationship I have. However even if no one respected me, that’d be tolerable, as long as there were actual love…

How much (and what kinds of) love is possible with how much disrespect, is something else to consider, though.

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@Zaku I don’t think anyone “doing you ill” could be considered respect. I guess it depends on your definition of respect. I think of it as more than how someone thinks about another, but how they behave as well.

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@Dutchess_III By being an immature prick, a psycho, or something in between.

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I would say love. You can earn respect by your actions easily but falling in love and the person you love reciprocating the same doesn’t always happen.

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@anniereborn It really depends on what the words mean, who they apply to, and the circumstances. Some people here seem to think an enemy could respect them, for example, which I wouldn’t think would stop an enemy who hates a person from trying to do them ill.

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@imrainmaker everyone wants to be respected. But some people don’t deserve it, and no one respects them, and they have no idea why. They don’t know what it takes to earn respect.
That’s a good question!

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I dunno but I have always been respected for what I did / through my behaviour and accomplishments barring few years as trainee where you’re unsure of many things. Never required anything extra to earn it. If you don’t deserve it you won’t get it. But in case of love I have seen so many odd couples where good guys not getting what they deserve and vice versa which is why I feel that way.

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