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If there was a version of "Wife Swap" of fictional wives, which wives would you like to watch swap families?

Asked by Sneki95 (6997points) November 1st, 2016

Details are for the weak.

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I’m either going to roll over onto the wife or get up and walk to the bathroom.

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Chichi and Bulma?

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Wrong thread, oops

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Ann Coulter and Nichol Brown Simpson.

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Alice Kramden and Lucy Ricardo.

Because Alice and Ricky both need the break, and Lucy and Ralph without their sane spouse around to clean up the chaos in their wake would be hilarious.

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Marge Simpson & Lois Griffen

Peter would fuck her brains out, but Homer gets the best deal, I mean, Lois…giggity!!

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@ucme I don’t think Marge and Homer would cheat…
The other two totally would, though.

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