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Would it be cool if I asked this blog for a shirt ?

Asked by mirza (5042points) August 5th, 2008

So a while ago I designed this tumblr theme and then a video podcast started using it with their web blog. Apparently, they are pretty famous. Today I found out on a techcrunch that they even scored a 7-figure deal. So would it be cool if i asked for some free t-shirts ?

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Without a question. Did they use parts of your design on the shirts?

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@paul: no. They just used my design for their blog. Also the theme was released for free

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Sue them, before the orphan act gets committed, don’t ask for tee shirts. ask for a bunch of money, through a lawyer, to their face.

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No harm in asking. If you released your theme for free, they have no obligation to give you anything, of course. If they’re nice people, I would imagine a couple of t-shirts wouldn’t be a big deal, though.

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There’s this Dutch saying: “nee heb je, ja kun je krijgen”, or “you got a no, you can get a yes”. Or in other words: asking doesn’t harm :)

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If they used your theme for free, because you released it for free then there’s no harm in asking for a tshirt. Especially if they’re doing well, I’m sure they’d be glad to send you a thank you tshirt your way :)

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Plus, it’s a walking advertisement for them. I see it as a win-win!

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You should contribute to this thread. You gave your creative idea away willingly, so now it isn’t really yours.

On the other hand, the nice gesture from the blog owners would be to give you a shirt, if only for karma purposes.

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