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Can the World Series (baseball) be a statistical forecast for the Presidential Elections?

Asked by Strauss (21211points) November 3rd, 2016 from iPhone

With a few exceptions, if an American League team won the World Series in election year, the Republican candidate is elected; if the National League wins the Democratic candidate becomes President. Does this make a statistical correlation?

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Wishful thinking. The last time the Cubs won the World Series William Taft a Republican was elected President so do not act surprised if a similar outcome occurs this election.

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Forgive me, but I cannot take seriously a national sport labelling itself a ”World Series.

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Yes, by definition it is a statistical correlation.

No, it is not a prediction. It is a coincidence. The two events have coincided in the same years in the past.

“Correlation does not imply causation” is about the very first thing you learn in studying statistics.

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Forgive me, but I doubt anyone cares if you take it seriously or not.

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I heard it being said recently that the Cubs getting into the series was a boon for Clinton because for a week or two, Trump would have a much harder time getting his face in the media forefront in any way that pleased him.

It bears mentioning:

Hillary congratulated the Cubs.
So did Obama, even though he’s a White Sox fan

The Donald did not. So not only has he been talked about less than normal because of the Cubs, but he didn’t even try to take advantage of the biggest trending topic that wasn’t related to him in ages.

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@Darth_Algar Well you clearly got all outta shape & “no one” a bold claim :D
@ragingloli I know right, what the fuck was I thinking?

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@ucme – To be fair, there is a Canadian team, and I’m almost certain if the Japanese league were on a whole at all able to compete with our minor league, we’d invite them in, too.

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Hahahaha, I know there is a Canadian team, truly global then :D
Just call the fucking thing something else then the rest of the world won’t laugh at it so much.

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C’mon @Darth_Algar raise your purse & pout at me some more

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We have a team? Besides hockey?

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@Berserker Yeah the Toronto Blue Jays, betcha just burstin all over with pride :D

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It’s the World Series because most of the best players come to the US for the money.

There has been Olympic baseball (and will be again in 2020) but I don’t know how many Major Leaguers can risk an injury for free, especially during the season.

It would be awesome to have an international series. Cuba, Japan, Nicaragua, Taiwan, and Mexico could all compete, winner gets to go on and lose to the Dominicans or Americans.

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@Call_Me_Jay Hey, thanks for that reasoned response, so much more agreeable than the demented & butthurt fuelled rambling of earlier :)

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@Call_Me_Jay – Ha, so true.

The Cubs’ 25 man roster this year was repping the US, The Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela, and Japan.

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You keep going on and on about it, yet I’m the “butthurt” and “rambling” one? Interesting logic.

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No, hell no, and uh-uh too!

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@Seek Thank you, I forgot Venezuela, they’re a big deal in the MLB.

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@Darth_Algar Typical skewed logic from someone whose first post immediately tags them as idiotic.
My posts are in response to others, a fairly standard procedure & the only other was me indulging myself at your expense, you might want to move on now or be owned some more, your choice.

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