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I purchased a StarCraft Anthology from, and it is a digital purchase?

Asked by Scrumpulator (564points) August 5th, 2008

I spent 14 bucks getting a game I have not played in 7 years, felt like going back to the day. And they don’t have a massive 1.2 gig file for me to down load, they installed a P2P program and the download rates are horrible. Blizzard only lets me DL from them at around 20.kb and the P2P members at about 2.kb apiece. give or take 3 Peers, I am looking at DL’ing a 1.2gig file at 25–30kbps. What the fuck is that all about, My DL rate is ussually about 100kbps, and I am on a cellular wireless 3G network. I had to drop all my fire walls and get into my server and allow Ports 6889–6999 that is a thousand open ports so that I could even get 28kbps, when I started my download rate was 2–4kbps, WHAT GIVES why cant they allow me to do a dump one file download. Is there anyone that can HELP me with some Techno Jargon to speed this stuff up with out ripping my firewalls to pieces?

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if you’ve opened up the ports I’m not sure what else you can do…

Did you get an email with a CD KEY? If you have a legit CD Key maybe you could try getting a Starcraft ISO off some other site? And use your paid for CD Key? Can’t really think of a better way.

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It’s “Blizzard Downloader”. Google “Port Forwarding Blizzard”. Most sites that will come up with instructions on how to set up Port Forwarding with any router you may own.

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One possibility: Your service provider might “traffic shape” P2P downloads. (in layman’s language – they deliberately cripple the connection of anybody that they detect using P2P).

3G service providers, in general, don’t like P2P usage.

Unfortunately, if the download is being deliberately slowed down by your service provider, then there’s not a lot you can do except wait…

(or find a public wifi spot that allows P2P?)

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