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How did you feel when you gave up caffeine?

Asked by Stinley (11505points) November 4th, 2016

I’ve recently given up drinking coffee and black tea. It was just over two weeks ago and I still feel weird. I’ve had a headache that paracetamol doesn’t touch, although that’s getting better. I’ve been sleeping heavily for as long as possible and still feel sleepy. The long sleeping is great as I used to wake up in the night a lot but being sleepy during the day at work is a bit of a hindrance.

What was your experience? I need reassurance that I will feel normal again!

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I had headaches. I decided rather than take pain killers I would try half-caf for a week or so. The headaches went away.
Now I can take coffee or leave it – and often do. I try not to do anything consistently.

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Very tired and uninspired. Very difficult to get started in the morning and I needed naps in the afternoon. But no headaches. It took about nine days before I normalized. LG above has a good policy: don’t do any substances consistently. Do them strategically.

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When I gave up coffee I did miss the warm aroma wafting out of the coffee cup in my lap in the morning. To combat the tiredness I feel when I wake up, I would stand and do twists while my arms dangled loosely. Then I fold my fingers flat against my palm and pound pat my fists all over my body for a minute. Then hit the floor and do a few push ups and crunches to really get the blood flowing. Then I would get a cup of very warm water and squeeze ¼ fresh lemon juice into the water and sip it while watching the news. The lemon juice is a major stimulant to our digestive tract and that in itself will help wake you up. Good luck.

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I haven’t given up on coffee yet. I usually drink it in the mornings and hardly ever after 11 a.m. But when I go two or three days without any after an extended time drinking it I do get a headache. I have taken meds for the headache and continued without coffee for several days without further incident.

I also found out by experimentation that if I increase my water intake when I stop drinking coffee I do not get the subsequent headache.

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@Stinley – did you stop cold turkey? When I stopped caffeine (mostly from coffee) I went from 5 cups a day to three and eventually to one. (and then quit altogether).

Doing it all at once may have been a mistake. Weaning yourself off would have been better.

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Give up caffeine?


:: breathes ::::

Ah hahahahahahahaha…


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I gave up coffee and tea when I found I had a sensitivity to them. They would cause my already ridiculously slow heartbeat to skip, which was causing me to pass out.

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Coffee & me…“Never gonna give you up…”
Fuckity fuck fuck, that bastard song will be in my head for the rest of the bloody day now!!

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I would have withdrawal symptoms when I didn’t have drip coffee on a regular basis. But I don’t drink drip coffee anymore – I have a cup of espresso most mornings, which I find is much, much more pleasant to deal with. I don’t get withdrawal when I skip it, and it doesn’t make me tired + edgy, which drip coffee always did.

But I find these things vary widely from person to person.

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For some reason I never developed a coffee habit, and from what I see about me, I figure I must have saved a small fortune. The wife (and every woman I’ve ever been involved with) had both a coffee every morning habit as well as a cigarette addiction. There are times if I’m confined to the house that I go on tea binges, but I’m not addicted to black teas. No caffeine headaches. When I read this question, my reaction was pretty much expressed by @Seek. Good luck finding allies with that!

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I did go cold turkey. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I have heart palpitations which are caused by stress and caffeine. So I thought I would do something about the caffeine and work on the stress. I also have low blood pressure naturally but caffeine makes it worse so I get dizzy when I stand up sometimes.

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I’m with @Seek, to hell with that.
I have been stout coffee fiend since I was a preteen.

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“Never gonna let you down, never gonna run around & hurt you”
I refuse to suffer alone

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I actually enjoy the taste of good coffee. Why would I give up something I enjoy? Particularly since I have no other vices.

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@ucme – I’m one of the three people in the world that legitimately likes that song.

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Haha, I quite liked it when it first came out, but quickly grew tired of it.
Crazy thing is, I still know all the fucking words :(

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