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Anyone have a home remedy for plaque psoriasis?

Asked by MooCows (3180points) November 5th, 2016

I have a small nickle size patch of plaque
psoriasis on my cheek on my face. It comes
and goes with stress and other factors but
never completely clears up. That is the only
place I have it but it is very bothersome to me.
I have tried a couple over the counter creams
with coal tar in them but that is all. Anyone deal
with psoriasis and have any ideas for me?

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Have you tried sunshine or light therapy?

Check your vitamin D levels.

Topical steroids, but that wouldn’t be a natural or home remedy I guess.

Any chance it’s shingles or roundworm? Is it perfectly round? Very itchy? Do you itch in other parts of that side of your head and face when it happens?

I only ask, because if typical psoriasis treatments don’t work, maybe you have a misdiagnosis.

I guess if it never completely clears from being visible it’s not shingles, unless you mean you just can always feel something there, but not see much of anything except maybe some redness.

If it might be ringworm put some girly yeast medicine on there if you have some leftover and see if it helps.

I’m not a medical doctor as you know.

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Since the skin is the largest organ of elimination in the body, if there’s a problem with the skin, alternative remedies run toward detoxing, and you really need to have someone assist you with the process. In addition, psoriasis is also an autoimmune ailment. This makes the issues involved even more complicated. A good naturopath, holistic MD, acupuncturist, or other alternative expert needs to help with this. There are usually lots of supplements involved, and a diet to follow.

Each field has its own approach, and some might be more effective than others. None of them will be covered by insurance, and it can be obscenely expensive, but not always. Is it with it? I never had psoriasis; I have other problems. But speaking from experience, I say yes it’s worth it.

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Apple cider vinegar is a good start if you’re trying to treat yourself (if you’re not allergic to it). It won’t hurt, and might help.

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I should add that sunlight is thought to trigger shingles.

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NO it is psoriasis I just never even asked for any kind
of prescription treatment for it. It isn’t perfectly round.
The skin on top gets flaky and peels away leaving
new skin and then it starts over. I keep thinking when
I see the new skin that I can just put an antibiotic ointment
on it and it will heal and go away. It never does….just starts
the cycle again. I will try the ACV. I know that when I have
had too many sweets or lots of stress it gets worse so yes
it is working from the inside.

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Try the ACV, and then if it doesn’t work try a yeast cream. If that doesn’t work ask a doctor I think. Your antibiotic cream might be the wrong antibiotic even if it is a bacterial infection.

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If it’s a fungal infection it will look scaly under magnification.

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