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What single malt scotch do you like?

Asked by Rarebear (25159points) November 6th, 2016

I’m more of an Islay guy as I like the peaty notes of these scotches. My wife hates them. Laphroig 10 is my go-to because I can get it cheap at Costco, but my favorite of the Islays is probably the Ardbeg 15.

Of the Speysides, I like Macallan, although it’s overpriced so I’ve gone to Tomintoul, when I can find it.

Highlands I don’t like quite as much. I’ve heard people go on about Oban but I can’t stand it.

Lowlands I don’t know anything about.

So what do you like?

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Glenfiddich, please. Straight up.

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DoubleWood is a 12-year-old single malt that would have gotten my vote when I sipped Scotch and worth every penny.

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@Pachy I prefer mine with a small splash of water or a very small ice cube.
@Cruiser I like Doublewood as well. They got a little expensive, though.

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@Rarebear It was the cigars that came with the occasion that tipped the scales towards pricey.

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@Rarebear you and I are a Single Malt Match. (but I can’t drink the stuff anymore. I haven’t been able to tolerate spirits since I got pregnant and had the kiddo 12 years ago) I had a planned vacation in Scotland 15 years ago especially to taste and tour those Coastal and Highland factories. I can highly recommend it.

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Oh @Rarebear, if you force me to sip it with a splash and a cube guess I can bear it. ;-)

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Don’t mind me, just here taking notes.

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Speysides as well. I have been a bourbon guy my whole adult life but past couple of years I have been shifting toward scotch. I’m turning forty here shortly and am basically giving up drinking, not because I drink too much but because it’s just not healthy and I need to get on a track that will get me to 80 and not 65.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Funny, I’ve not liked bourbons until very recently. A guy down the street is a bourbon guy and is introducing me.

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@Pachy See this:

“The experts drink whisky with water. You can toss out any notion that real men drink Scotch room-temperature and neat, or that a splash of water will somehow mar a single malt’s perfection. Water actually opens up the flavors of Scotch, which is why professionals like Winchester add in a few drops before tasting.”

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I’m such a rubbish Scottish person – I don’t like whisky. Nor porridge.

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How are you on haggis?

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I like haggis a lot. And square sausages. Potato scones are great too.

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