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How often should i get a facial?

Asked by laurenl544 (1points) August 5th, 2008

…and should i allow for extractions? i have terrible blackheads on my nose and i have minor breakouts at the side of my face. i am 21 years old.

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It may vary, if you use a lot of make up and you are exposed to sunlight pretty often, once a month can be appropriate, if not, every quarter should be fine, ask your dermatologist, if you have very delicate skin, you can help yourself taking care of your skin at home every night, use hypoallergenic products to clean it before you go to bed, drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit, specially apples and grapes :)

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I have a Dr Perricone Anti-Aging Facial every other month and I think it’s worth it. quite a change from 25+ years of Noxema and nothing else. I’m becoming high maintenance!

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whenever you give a BJ… Oh wait that is the wrong facial.

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