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Why don't we ever see injuries or blood on The Jerry Springer Show?

Asked by ForHatesSake (135points) November 7th, 2016

You’d think with all the fighting that occurs we’d see the occasional bloody nose or even a broken arm or leg. After watching this show for 20 years (hey, I like seeing ridiculous people make fools of themselves, sue me) I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anyone get injured. Any thoughts? And please don’t suggest all the stories are fake and they’re just a bunch of actors – some possibly, but definitely not all.

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Because yes, it is all staged.

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^ He’s right, it’s all staged. Sorry to burst your bubble. It’s like those wrestling shows.

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There used to be real blood in the early days. Can’t fake getting hit in the head with a chair. But it went the way of professional wrestling really quickly.

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Sorry but have to agree with all of the above.^^^^^^^^^^

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And to thing that Springer was one a serious guy – mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio, and an actual, serious, award-winning news reporter.

I guess there’s more money is idiocy.

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^^Regardless, for decades I have been patiently awaiting “Jerry’s Final Thought.”

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Because most people with a lick of sense don’t watch Jerry Springer. He’s still alive? And on television? Man, where’s Newton Minow now to repeat his statement?

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@CWOTUS Your post doesn’t address my question – it only attempts to insult me. Move along.

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I don’t want to make the assumption that you are younger, however; there was a time when fights happened all the time. I used to watch the show when I was younger as there was nothing else on tv. During that time there were lots of fights. The show has calmed down from what it was due to one of the guests getting murdered after an appearance on the show.

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