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If you were famous and could be on a magazine cover which magazine would you choose?

Asked by Adina1968 (2752points) August 5th, 2008

You are famous for anything you wish. Which magazine would you like to be on the cover and featured in?

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Wired-‘ubergeek of the year’!

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Vanity Fair, the hollywood issue, Men’s Health, the style issue :) and of course, Forbes

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Rolling Stone! All the way! I would write the cover story too!

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Rolling Stone. Its one of two magazines that I have read my entire life. The other one is National Geographic. That might make a strange cover.

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Radar…love their twisted covers, Interview (Andy Warhol!) Time – person of the year, naturally

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Fortune….that would mean that I was rich.

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Rolling Stone all the way

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National Geographic, not me actually on the cover but a photo that I have taken. For a pic of my mug I would go for Guitar Player

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Filthy Rich Chick Magnet Weekly.

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Peoples Most Beautiful People!

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Rolling Stone! Just like the song…

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Survivor? AARP?

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rolling stone great mag

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Maxim. That would really anger some people

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Rolling Stone, Esquire, or GQ

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Architectural Digest lol.

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