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What do you hope the next President will do to make your America better?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) November 7th, 2016

I am not as interested in who you are voting for but more in the what you feel is top priority for the next President to do for you. What issues are top priority for you and your loved ones for the next 4 years or beyond? More importantly what is not getting the attention you would like see your next President roll up their sleeves and make some real change with?

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I hope the next president will help peace in the world (tall order I know) and will really look at lowering healthcare prices by analyzing where all the money is going and being taken.

I really hope there will be a grass roots effort, some sort of uprising, calling for more cooperation and unity. This will not come from our president or congress, but will have to come from the citizenry. I do believe our presidents always do want cooperation among the parties, but the political climate has made it almost impossible. Hate and anger are rewarded right now. It makes me sick.

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1) Fine tuning Affordable Care Act to take the profit motive out of health care. That would include reining in Big Pharma.

2) Doing whatever possible to overturn Citizens United. Make political donations transparent, including all donations through bundlers. Corporations required to have shareholder approval for political donations.

3) All politicians must recuse themselves from voting on legislation that affects any of their financial backers.

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Protect patients’ rights. It’s honestly okay – not ideal, obviously, but okay – if nothing changes. Just don’t reinstate preexisting conditions clauses or lifetime caps, please. I am 24 and have already hit my lifetime cap.

Really prioritize green energy. Make steps towards college education reform.

Bring some unity. Not likely I know. I just hate the state of discourse right now so damn much.

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Stop trying so hard to “make it better”. The harder they try, the worse it gets. There’s a very good reason for that, but no one seems to get it. It’s cause and effect.

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I’m not interested in the next president making America better for me. I want the next president to make America better for us. A living wage won’t change how much my wife and I make, but I still benefit from living in a country that is fairer to all workers. Scrapping the failed, test-based educational policies of Bush and Obama in favor of unscripted, student-centered learning won’t make me any smarter, but I still benefit from living in a country that has a well-educated population. Allowing the government to negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry on drug prices won’t save me a dime for decades, but I still benefit from living in a country where senior citizens aren’t treated like second-class citizens. And even if I didn’t benefit from all of these things, I still want to live in a country where no one is denied a decent life due to an accident of birth or a random act of nature.

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Not so much the president, but the first lady/gentleman/person.
Lady Bird Johnson did so much good in making people aware of the litter problem. I wish this was something ALL first persons would do.

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I hope the next President stops starting wars, stop destabilising states, stops leaving power-vacuums for warlordism to flourish, stops drone bombing, stops supporting the crimes of Saudi Arabia and of Israel (and any other client state or “official ally”).

Maybe then America will actually have something of a moral standing domestically and in the rest of the world.

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Select fair and impartial judges who recognize and remember what the scale of justice was suppose to represent, and they fit it to the tee.

And I wish all lobbyist would be band from Washington.

And no politician is allowed to take future employment with any company that has helped fund their campaign.
And politicans have to take a civics test to show their knowledge of government and the political process and all the rules. There should be at least a 2 year class that they will have to attend to get certified as a viable candidate to run. They will also have to show knowledge of current science knowledge, some accounting skills, leadership skills, and the legal do’s and don’ts. I’m tired of no talent, idiot do nothings (like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio) getting voted for over and over again. And all future Presidential candidates must have worked in some official capacity with helping citizens or have served in the military in addition to having taken the 2 year course.

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Not saying or doing stupid things is about all I hope for over the next four years.

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Turn themselves in to the police…

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Education – take it out of the hands of the Feds and give control to the states where it belongs…ditch Common Core and make higher ed more affordable.
Immigration – You are welcome here as long as you get in line people
Stop fracking immediately, we don’t need cheap oil that badly.
Get out of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is stabbing us in the back and stop the bowing to heads of state.
My biggie is campaign reform….this last election cycle just proved how ridiculous running for President has become. Shorten the primaries to one month and the Presidential campaign to one month,, 3 debates and call the vote.
I also want my next President to incentivize innovation REAL innovation not just next gen IPhones.
Repeal Citizens United and Obamacrud and lower my taxes and Cruiser will be a very happy voter.

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@Cruiser I’m with you on many of those.

I’d like us to live up to our promise to help “the tired, the poor” and do something concrete to help Syrian refugees resettle in this country. I cannot stand to see children being bombed.

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@Cruiser education still mostly is in the hands of local government. I know the fed has taken more control in recent years, and I disagree with some of their changes, but I do think we need some minimum standards so the poor rural kid in north Florida isn’t way behind the suburban Chicago kid.

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@janbb I am with you on helping the Syrians. I’m for setting up safe zones so they can stay in their own country. Germany is a sad example of what allowing refugees to flood into your country. Total disaster.

@JLeslie It really comes down to controlling costs for education and putting the money to best use. Benefit costs for instructors are breaking the budgets of many school districts.

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@Cruiser I have my doubts the fed made benefits more expensive where you live. Don’t you have union teachers?

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Move to ban election polling results being made known to the general public.

Yes, there’s a possibility this is unconstitutional and would require an amendment.

The voting public shouldn’t know who _might _ be in the lead until election night.

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I would like to see the economy improve. If we can get growth up to 4% or more, everybody does better. We’ve been stagnant for 8 years now and spent $10 trillion more than we took in. Clearly deficit spending has not worked.

My biggest hope however is that the government gets out of my life. Leave me alone and I’ll do just fine. Micro-mange my life and my business and I struggle. I just want the government to stop helping me.

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And I agree with @SecondHandStoke on something too! It must be a cold day in hell today.

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Everything pales compared to climate change. If the planet ends up looking like Mars, nothing else matters.

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@JLeslie No the state negotiates the benefits with the teachers union and reportedly the teachers pension benefits are the costliest in the state for state employees.

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Unless Stein wins (...), what I hope the next President will do to make my America better, is either behave quite unlike I expect them to, or be indicted and leave office. Then I hope whichever generic corporate pawn vice president there is also turns into a human being with a conscience and decent decisions, or else is rendered lame in some way and/or develops other scandals that lead to their impeachment and leaving office. Because they all look pretty much like pro-corporate awful with backwards views to me.

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Focus on improving and expanding our education system. After this election season, I feel we so very desperately need this.

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@forestGeek Reintroducing “Civics” might be a place to start. But critical thinking skills across the board!

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@janbb Agree 100% with both civics and critical thinking. History also seems pretty important these days, more than ever.

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@janbb Civics were both my kids fav class and they recently took them.

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Submit to the rightful authority of the UK.

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