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How do you feel about gossip?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) November 8th, 2016

I find that I gossip about people very little. I don’t like the fact that you never know if it’s true, and quite simply, most of it doesn’t interest me.

How do you feel about gossip, and why?

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It’s generally unhealthy to society. But it’s the only way some people can connect with others.

If I’m about to gossip, I make sure there aren’t any kids around. I don’t want to condone it.

I suppose a small amount is ‘natural. ’

Some people are ridiculous with it.

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People seem to have different definitions of gossip.

There’s the ’‘did you hear so and so is retiring?’ type of gossip. I do that. I think most of us do this.

Then there’s the ‘She is driving me mad today!’ when someone’s behaviour is irritating the hell out of me and I’m talking to a friend. This sort of gossip can be a human trait that is really about people letting off steam and venting.

However, gossip can also be designed to hurt other people. Putting other people down to bolster their own self-worth. That’s never good or healthy. That’s the ‘did you see the state of her house? Ugh!’ or ‘she really should do something about her breath’ type gossip.

I think most people gossip to some level and it’s human nature. How it’s done and what it entails makes the difference.

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Yes, I think a small amount is natural, @MrGrimm888.

I don’t consider sharing facts – like retiring – gossip, myself, @Earthbound_Misfit. Nor sharing feelings with a friend.
It’s more the “You should you see the state of her house!” kind of crap I’m referring to. She obviously trusted the person enough to let them in.

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@ibstubro, but some people consider any discussion of other people to be gossip. That’s why I said it depends on your definition. And even if it’s a positive or neutral mention, I would say it is gossip. And I’ll say I’m guilty of gossiping when someone either irritates me or when I’m sharing info about another person.

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About the type of gossip you mention in your details. One must ask oneself before gossiping; what use is this information to anyone?

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I don’t really like listening to or involving myself in gossip. I don’t find gossip interesting, as I would rather get to know a person instead of having a biased opinion about them before meeting them.

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^Well said. Welcome to Fluther.

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@MrGrimm888 Thank you, it’s a pleasure.

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Indeed, @Berserker.

I agree 100% @Escha. And welcome to Fluther.

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