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What is wrong with simply being laissez-faire regarding LGBT issues.

Asked by josie (30926points) November 10th, 2016

This question got me thinking.
Who knows what Clinton thinks. She would say anything to serve her interests.

I bet Trump is indifferent. But his stated agenda says nothing about the LGBT constituency. So I am sure he is no threat.

But sometimes it seems to me that special interest constituencies are not satisfied that one is willing to live and let live.

The expectation is to be PRO their interest. You have to join the struggle, or you are on the wrong side.

I think that is a mistake.

You don’t get in my shit, I won’t get in yours.

If people accept that, I can easily be your friend and even your advocate

If that is not enough, you may be asking too much, which I think is annoying. I am not as accommodating when I am annoyed.

What is wrong with live and let live?

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@josie, I don’t identify you as a member that I agree with a lot? I hope that’s as non-offensive as I can be?

I agree 100% with, “What is wrong with live and let live?”

I take issue with the indifferent Trump being a positive. He’s going to have to give up a lot to get any of his agenda through, and I believe he will toss the “10%” gay population on the burnpile in a heartbeat. We’re talking live and burn. THAT is why special interest groups look for a head’s up. Not getting one makes you a chit.

The Dems might want gays to the have more rights in order to pass legislation.
The Reps might want gays to the have less rights in order to pass legislation.
The Trumpets might want gays to be expelled. To Canada if possible. Mexico works.


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No, their expectation is to be on equal legal footing as everyone else. Which they would be, if everyone was “live and let live”. But everyone isn’t and there are far too many people out there who want to make them second-class citizens (or worse).

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Live and let live is the pro-LGBT position. That is what they are working towards. The problem is that there are a lot of people and policies in place that are—sometimes overtly, sometimes covertly—in violation of “live and let live.” Denying people rights is not live and let live. Not taking note of the fact that there are elements of our society that are aligned against certain groups of people, and not doing anything to change that fact, is not live and let live. Living and letting live cannot be a passive ideal in a world where its opponents are highly active.

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All they want is to live and let live. That’s literally all they want. The problem is people are trying to stop letting them live.

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If “Live and let live.” is the agenda, why are gays OUT?

What are gays OUT of?

The mainstream?

So. The more you mention you are out of the mainstream, the more out of the mainstream you are?

Gays need to actively engage more.

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@ibstubro What they are “out” of is the closet. The closet is where they were historically forced to hide precisely because mainstream society would not let them join it (an exclusionary effort often enforced by murderous violence).

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@josie sounds fair to me. Live and let live. We need a political party with that platform.

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LGBTQ people don’t want special rights. They want_equal_ rights.

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If he was actually “live and let live”, he probably wouldn’t have picked a running mate who believes in torturing LGBT youth until they commit suicide.

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I would wager money that Trump would support discrimination against the LBGT community on religious grounds. Does that fall under your interpretation of laissez-faire? After all, everyone is entitled to their own religious beliefs.

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The question I then have is in the live and let live world will people/businesses have the right to not serve LGBT customers? Will states have the right to write legislation that protect the traditional marriage values? We still have 28 or 29 states that protect the rights of business to fire employees who are gay? Will the LGBT community live and let live these rights to these choices that people can currently have?

Over time support for LGBT community and rights has grown significantly since the dark days of the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s etc. but IMHO we will not see this laissez-faire perfect world anytime soon when 35–40 percent of Americans are still against same sex marriages and the LGBT community turns out in lynch mob style going after the likes of a Kim Davis. And until all sides of the LGBTQ debate accept SCOTUS rulings on these issues, laissez-faire cannot possibly exist..

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Discrimination is not a right. So no, we don’t accept it.

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Will businesses have the right not to serve? Yes, who wants to do business where you are not wanted anyway?

Marriage? Grey area, you can marry as you see fit but cannot stop people from marrying who they want either. You don’t have to marry them (either in person or if a preacher).

Fire someone for being gay? Sure, if you can also fire someone for being black or catholic or female, why not? Seriously, why the first group and not the others? No on this one.

As someone pointed out above the LGBT community is not asking for more that the ability to do what you can do.

Kim Davis – Do your job and there is no difficulties. If, for any reason, be it physical or mental, you cannot fulfill the job requirement then it is time to get another position.

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@rojo , You have some serious civil rights issues. You can’t, for example, have a store or restaurant that refuses to serve blacks. I refer you to the civil rights movement and the associated protests, violence, sit-ins and, ultimately, civil rights legislation and Supreme Court decisions. Not even Trump will be able to take us back to the way things were pre-civil rights, try as he may.

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Dearest lost. Sarcasm.

And don’t put it past him, if not him then his supporters.

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@ibstubro “What are gays OUT of? The mainstream?”

I’ve always taken it to mean out and about WITHIN the mainstream, no longer hiding and evading.

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