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What are your thoughts on censorship?

Asked by btko (2816points) August 5th, 2008

Are you for or against censorship? I know there are grey areas, but if you had to make a stand for or against where would you stand?

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isn’t this sort of a silly question to ask, knowing the climate here?

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that question is too general to answer. censorship of what? on what issues? maybe others can give a “i am for it!” or “yuck. no way!”, but i don’t think i would be able to make a blanket statement such as that.

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I’m trying to think on censorship because I have to write a paper on it, and the paper topic is as general as I put it. I think it can be boiled down to a yes or no.

I think censorship is an essential part of life… we even censor ourselves here on Fluther.

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what I hate about censorship is *****

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My answer would be depends, for your question, and for the paper. It would also make the paper SO much easier to write because you can give reasons for when censorship is a good idea and when it is a direct attack on our personal rights. Plus the fact that you thought of ways it could and couldn’t work shows that you thought about the question deeper than the other students did. Professors love that.

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Now wait, btko. Do you mean censorship of ourselves, or censorship placed on us by others? Is it merely choice of words, or thoughts? (as in, you can say “I don’t like that guy” but not “I fucking hate that guy”... or you can’t say you don’t like that guy at all)?

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Self censorship is fine, as you get to decide what to censor. Imposed censorship, not so much. Again, who gets to be the judge?

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That seems a bit flawed augustlan, the reason a person would be self censoring is to impose that censorship.

The government censors it’s reports to keep them from you. I censor what I say to you so you don’t know what I am actually thinking. etc.

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@btko…you got me there, I wasn’t very clear. I meant self imposed censorship vs. government (or other entity) imposed censorship.

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