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Ladies: Have you tried boy shorts underwear?

Asked by tinyfaery (43853points) November 11th, 2016

How do you like them? Do they tend to roll down?


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I find they tend to become too loose as the day goes by. It’s really uncomfortable to have your knickers shifting around all over the place under your clothes.

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@Seek Do you think that’s more the material/brand or in general?

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I don’t like how they feel on. I don’t like that they come down my legs. I haven’t found they roll down. I can’t remember which brand I bought.

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I am not certain. Could be a bit of either or both. Cotton does ease with body heat and movement, so unless there’s a lot of synthetic in them that’s likely to happen no matter what.

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I wear my son’s AE underwear boxers with the cute
little dancing bananas etc on them! I love them and
ended up with quite a few pairs as both my sons
decided at one time they were too “mature” to wear
AE anything since that is what they wore in HS!

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Maybe I’ll just buy one pair to try them out.

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That’s the only type that I wear, cotton only touched my privates, and material matters, so I don’t recommend wearing the cheap ones that you buy in a pack, it recommend buying the individual one’s. I have only had a problem with rolling and wedgies and them coming loose with the ones in the pack.

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I’ve tried the long boy briefs, but that little flappy thing in the front made my pants too bulky. I have tried the “boys style” underwear that are similar, but made for women and I like those. Like These.

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Never tried. them. I don’t plan to. Anything bigger than a thong feels like a diaper to me.

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When I was down to 110 pounds they were really comfy. Now that I gained, this baby got too much back to wear them.

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I’d like to try ‘em.
I did have a pair of boy’s swim trunks and I loved those things but the Borrowers evil counterparts, you know the little gremlins responsible for making your favorite items disappear got ‘em. :(

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They usually curl up on my thigh. I think they only work well for very thin women unless the leg is quite long. I have some boy shirt bikinis that worked fine. I guess it was the fabric, and I was thinner when I owned those bikinis so I’m not sure if I could wear a bathing suit like that now.

I do have a couple of pairs of 100% cotton from Jockey that the leg stays down, but they are a little large on me, and terrible to wear under slacks or jeans that fit right against my body. I just wear those underwear at home with long t-shirts, that sort of thing.

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