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How much is your monthly mortgage payment on your house in your town?

Asked by MooCows (3185points) November 11th, 2016

I thought it would be interesting to see how much people
pay for their houses in different parts of the country.
We have a house and 24 acres in West Tennessee and
pay $2231.77 a month.

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Half that, east tn in the burbs

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I don’t pay what I’m supposed to pay and haven’t for years. I don’t owe much on my mortgage and I’m not sure what the ‘required’ payment is because I pay more.

For a house in this area, with a 20% deposit, a new buyer would have to pay about AU3200.00 per month. That’s about US$2400.00. That’s for a good sized house on over an acre in a suburb of Brisbane. In Sydney, you’d be looking at a lot more.

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My monthly payment is south of that by more than half—in a 2-story house just north of Austin, TX. Fair-sized front and back yard and plenty of living space for me and my cat.

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Nothing paid it off in full a few years back.
No car debt, no credit card debt, everything is paid for worked our ass off to do it but now it’s great.
Western Canada here.

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$3,400 per month suburbs of Chicago

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My house is paid for.

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Our 40 year old, 4 bedroom on a very small lot in suburban Sacramento CA is $1400, principle, interest, taxes and insurance.
Our rental house, a 50 year old, 3 bedroom on a small lot in an older section of Sacramento CA, $1,000 a month.

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$882 per month, PITI. 1.6 acres, 3 bedroom split level ranch. Semi-rural NE Ohio.

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I paid it off. Was $1400 month all in: 4 bedroom older house on a small lot in central New Jersey.

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The mortgage itself without anything else is about 1000. But we live in a town home. I think the size and community has a lot to do with it.
I’ve seen homes that are similar to mine or even smaller have higher rates, simply because of location. Before we settled on this home, I saw a much smaller town, town home with a mortgage of 1500 and with additional cost that would bring it up to 2000 a month. Especially HOA. HOA in Virginia is insane. And some have an HOA fee and then there is a separate community and maintenance fee that can be more or less. Some of those fees combined went as high as 800 bucks a month. It’s like forever renting your own home. And you still had to get home owners insurance and pay taxes on property you feel you don’t own.

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4 br 2 ba 1½ garage, semi finished basement, no HOA; just closed on refi, brought monthly payment from $2100 (US) down to 1000.

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