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Do protests accomplish anything?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24050points) November 11th, 2016

Like the anti-Trump protests? Or any recent protest on the globe?

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I don’t think they will in this case but doesn’t mean they are inconsequential. There have been successful protests around the world. First of all it brings awareness amongst general public regarding the issue.

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It’s better than nothing. But rarely gets anything accomplished short term. It’s a sort of formal complaint by the public. The hope is ,enough complaints over time, will spark the desired change.

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They raise awareness of a situation.

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Yes. My country was liberated by some major rather-anarchic protests, which transformed in to nation-wide demonstration. I don’t know if recent protests will actually have any effect. So long as the protest is easily ignorable and supported by smaller mass I doubt it’ll cause substantial effect. A little bit of anarchy goes a long way, at least in the way of getting government’s attention.

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Only to prove that protesters need better slogan writers & their chant lyrics are fucking dreadful.

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They accomplish destroying the city and making the police beat idiots.

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Most protests don’t result in anything.
However, I was at a protest that did accomplish something.
I was in an informal group of people who knew about horrible experiments on cats at UCLA.
UCLA publicly denied the existence of these experiments. We knew UCLA was lying.
So we held a protest in the Administrators office and made a lot of ruckus.
As we did that, the Animal Liberation Front broke into their labs and filmed the cats. The tape was handed to KNBC News who aired it that day. UCLA cancelled the experiment after that.

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