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Can you guess what Michelle Obama and Melania Trump might have discussed?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) November 11th, 2016

Use your imagination and don’t forget to put your funny cap on..)

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Crotch grabbing as foreplay?

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Ohhh I like that ,good one @RedDeerGuy1

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Where Bill Clinton’s closet is, and where the video camera that Hillary installed back in ‘98 feeds. Melania will need it, especially when Ivanka visits daddy.

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“Sweetie, You really need to get a new speech writer!”

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They probably had a discussion about Heidegger and Foucault and then played a game of chess.

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They probably talked about what it’s like to raise a child in the Whitehouse.
Michelle is a class act and was probably totally gracious.

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I think they were discussing about how to prepare for a public speech. Maybe they mentioned copyrights and plagiarism too.

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They may have been discussing how many languages Melania speaks. It’s been handy in refinancing Trumps loans with Russian banks.

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They probably talked about their kids and reality tv. That’s what women do.

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@imrainmaker I would guess they talked about raising a child in the white house.

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^^ I think that’s what they did..

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What it’s like being married to people of color.

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^ I guess I shouldn’t have giggled at that.

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