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How do you eat broccoli?

Asked by poofandmook (17282points) August 5th, 2008

Do you bite the stalk off? Likewise, do you bite the heads of animal crackers?

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Chopped and steamed with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper flakes.

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I dip my steamed broccoli in a concoction of mayo mixed with soy sauce. It’s actually quite good!

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@TheHaight: Oooh.. I’m going to have to try that. What’s the ratio of mayo to soy sauce?

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haha no ratio! More mayo then soy sauce is the best advice! :)

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I eat the flowers first, then the stalk.

I do eat the heads off the animal crackers! I want to make it less agonizing for them =P

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I don’t eat broccoli. Blech!

I just pop to whole animal in my mouth. They are too small to bite.

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I only eat the stalk.. For some reason I can not stand the bushy part.. As far as the animal crackers eat them all except paciderms otherwise known as elephants.. LOL

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Broccoli tempura.. Yum!

I also like it on pizza.

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With a fork? I usually get some Chinese food like General Chicken or Chicken with Broccol, mmm chicken. I put of steamed rice, I packet of soy and hot sauce, and then dump the broccoli dish on top. Drizzle a little more sauce and I’m good to go (oh yea, i eat the stalk and all, no nibbling for

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I like it steamed with a little butter and seasoning sale – my favorite veggie!

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Steamed and drained. Splash of lemon juice. Little pepper. Delish!

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I eat it prepared anyway and I just stick the bushy part and stem in my mouth at the same time. I get serious about my eating. Don’t put your hand to close to my food or you might lose it.

I also stick whole animal crackers in my mouth.

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Steamed florets and sliced stems, quinoa, dried cranberries and walnuts.

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You’re a gourmet Gail. I think that might call for a bit of goat or blue cheese?

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Mostly I blanch quickly then give it a quick sautee with olive oil and fresh garlic. Last night, however, I made an aged cheddar cheese sauce. I hadn’t had it that way in years. I like more floret and less stalk.

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Love it raw, in small bite size pieces. Cut the stalk off and peel it (otherwise it’s too tough to eat raw) and dip it all in ranch dressing. Yum.

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I like it steamed with cheddar cheese….and I normally eat it all in one bite, unless it’s an unusually large piece of broccoli.

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My general strategy is to eat smaller florets in one bite, head first, and with larger ones I eat the head in two bites and then the stem.

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I peel the stem and cube it. I cut the florets into smaller ones, about the size of hmmmmm
the tip of your baby finger and p.s. don’t get near my knife with those hands of yours.

Steam; then sesame oil and kosher salt. Om nom nom (who am I quoting here? I love this phrase, seen first by me on Fluther. Is it a phrase, Gail? An expression? Or pure onomatopoeia?)

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First off, I slip the broccoli onto my wife’s plate when no one is looking.
As for animal cookies, I just pop the entire thing into my mouth and bite down guiltily since I’m a vegetarian.

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I leave them in that circus wagon. I don’t think they’re really food.

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@susanc: I think it’s a Cookie Monster reference, and therefore part of our collective conscious.

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Our collective conscious? Just a sec; have to check this with Gail.

Please explain Cookie Monster reference in this context. Sesame Street was never a part of my life


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Fresh dipped in chocolate icing.

No lie. My friends can’t stand to watch me.

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raw dipped in ranch

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