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If Trump made major successes and advances as President would those who hate him still not give him credit?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) November 12th, 2016

All I hear lately from those who did not like Trump or supported Clinton is that we are in for disaster, trouble, the Trump voters will suffer with the rest of us, blah, blah, blah. What if Trump managed to get the budget balanced, the national debt erased, brokered a deal to get oil back down to 1998 levels, increased wages at the same time not shrinking profits for US companies and business people, plus having 67% more jobs created on his watch, would those who hate him give him any credit for it, or would they try to dismiss it and search long and hard to find any iota of smut they can malign him with?

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I don’t see it happening so sort of moot but no, he’ll still be hated just for being who he is.

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If he does all those things, he’ll have done something he never did in any of his businesses.

He was NOT a financial success without deplorable, unethical actions. Usually resulting in massive layoffs of his companies, and a deluge of lawsuits.

Even with his dishonest tactics, he still had to declare bankruptcy multiple times. Usually to circumvent having to be accountable for his own actions.

He’s never even led a marching band, so it’s highly unlikely he’ll have the effect that his voters hoped for.

If he succeeded at even a fraction of his unrealistic goals, which he never even provided any viable plans for, he’d still be hated by most.

He’s still one of the most pathetic people on the planet. He’s still a divisive, racist , sexist, xenophobic, self absorbed, unaccountable, unethical, narcissistic , liar who wants to fuck his own daughter, instead of his aging prostitute /slave wife.

His complete lack of understanding of how to speak to people as his equal will undoubtedly ruffle the feathers of a myriad of world leaders. Possibly, or probably leading the US into multiple wars/conflicts which will result in the suffering ,or deaths of millions, maybe billions if he crashes the world economy too, as many predict.

His inflammatory rhetoric about race, and the poor could lead to a revolution, or race war, or civil war. Especially in a time where minorities already feel oppressed by the government, and abused by the police. Which they are.

His agenda list would be considered comically ridiculous, if viewed by a reasonable person.

The idiots who voted for him will still like him. Even when their unions are disolved, and they watch the wealthy reap the benefits of reducing their taxes from 35% to 13%, while their wages, and worker’s rights dwindle.

Some of the 20 -40 million who will lose health care will probably blame Obama ,or the democrats.

Many of the Latinos will probably regret their votes, when their parents, and relatives are forever deported . Some numbers I’ve read suggest 11 million people may become illegal citizens.

His plans to make camps along the Mexican border to detain people caught trying to cross illegally will probably go well. I’m sure they’ll be humane places .

His proposal to ban Muslims from entering the country sets a super dangerous pressadent, and hell of a slippery slope. Can’t think of any negatives there.

His reduction of trade with Mexico will hurt their citizens greatly. And the new wall is frankly a retarded idea. The Chinese tried that with the Mongols with mixed results long before flight and advanced tunneling were in existence.

I could go on,and on.

Bottom line is that if all his attempts at political suicide didn’t change the minds of his moronic supporters, why would they blame him for his own failure.

Those who didn’t like him,or support him, would unlikely change their minds because they have a thinking based in reality. ANY success he may have,however unlikely, will probably be the work of experienced people put around him. All of which would have made better candidates than him.

Personally, I hold a grudge. I will never respect one word he says, or claimed accomplishment.

The best he can hope for is a dissipation of the hatred and disdain most hold for him. Resulting in people tolerating him, much like an inoperable tumor on their face.

Regardless of his future success, he’s already responsible for the suffering of thousands, through his business dealings.

Don’t see any reason to like him,no matter what.

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Sure we will love and honor him if he does all this.

What will YOU do if he does none of this, but rather throws the country into chaos and ruin?

Do you still think there were WMDs in Iraq?

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I honestly hope that he turns out to be the greatest President in the history of the country. After hearing this morning that he is considering Rudolph Giuliani for Attorney General and (wait for it) Sarah Palin for Secretary of the Interior, I ran out and bought 2 lottery tickets. I would rejoice at ANY indication of ANY attribute EVER exhibited by Trump qualifying the man for ANY public office. Let us all pray that my estimate of the man is as flawed as my mistaken take on the levels of stupidity afflicting the electorate. The stakes couldn’t be higher. In my lifetime, there has not been a single event to compare with this election in answering the question “are we as a people worthy or even capable of self governance?”

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Well. At this point I wouldn’t mind if each voter had to pass a test of some sort to achieve the right to vote.

At this point , the only qualifications for being president are that you are born here, and are over 35.

To vote, you have to be 18.

I had to jump through more hoops to get my current job.

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One way or another, the Donald is going to be a great lesson on the “wisdom” of the people.

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^Yeah. But will the people learn the lesson?

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If Trump does what he said he is going to do, the country and the world will be worse off.

He plans to cut tax rates for the rich and reduce payments to the most needy.

He will eliminate Obamacare.

He will defund Planned Parenthood, which will lead to more abortions, since the primary activity of Planned Parenthood is to provide contraception.

He will not comply with the Paris agreement on climate change.

He will cut support of NATO, paving the way for Russian invasions.

He will cut or eliminate industrial regulations, leading to greater pollution.

He will initiate a tariff war, leading to global recession.

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I think your list of miracles is somewhat silly.

And there are many Trump-haters, so it’s also silly to predict what they might do.

However, as a single Trump-dreader (not exactly hater) who I can speak for, there are several things I hold some hope he might do or not do, and I intend to give him credit or censure appropriate to what he does and doesn’t do.

I have some hope that:

* He might take his job much more seriously than he did the campaign and his TV appearances.

* He might actually not have as terrible opinions as he seemed to in some of his notorious TV appearances. After all, as seen in Colbert’s Trump vs. Trump debate , he’s said both sides of many extreme statements.

* He might reduce the number of revolving-door corporate lobbyist/politician/corporate people.

* He might not actually enable the fossil fuel industry as much as it looks like he might.

* He might not actually try to build a ridiculous wall.

* He might not actually try to throw out all the non-white Americans.

* He might not actually sexually assault people.

* He might actually keep the USA out of horrendous/disastrous corporate power-grab treaties such as the TPP/TPIP.

* He might not actually be an anti-abortion nightmare.

* He might not actually appoint arch-conservative pro-Citizens-United anti-abortion asshats to the Supreme Court.

* He might not be as complete a fool as he appeared in many spectacular gaff/comedy moments during the campaign.

* He may not actually break our peace agreement with Iran.

* He may not actually bomb the hell out of cities to try to kill some US-equipped terrorists.

Looks like we may find out.

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@Zaku . Lets do an exercise.
Put both your hands out.
Start to hope in one hand.
Defecate in the other.
See which hand fills up faster.

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The trouble is that what he considers success is not necessarily what I consider success. If he lowers taxes, big whoop. If he creates jobs he will definitely get kudos from me for that. But job creation is not the only thing this country needs, and if it comes at the expense of healthcare, you won’t see me applauding.

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Ask me again if he succeeds in passing an infrastructure bill.

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If he actually turns out to be a GOOD president I will be happily shocked. I’m not brainless enough to protest things just based on the personality of the person making the suggestions.

Even if he makes good decisions he’ll still be a whiny asshole.

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I greatly anticipate a lot of backpedaling on his part. He’ll probably continue to put his foot in his mouth on a somewhat regular basis. I just don’t see all doom and gloom over the horizon. The office of the president is larger than the person residing in it. For the right he was a very bitter pill and just as I thought in the end many bucked up and swallowed it. At least Pence appears to be calm and collected. We’ll see, the saga continues.

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That’s true @ARE_you_kidding_me. And it’s comforting.

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