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With all of the venomous hate against Trump, will there be an assassination attempt on his life by someone so vehemently against him?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) November 13th, 2016

If there is an attempt, how soon would it occur after he is sworn in? Would it be by a US citizen that has so much hate for Trump, or would Trump have to pass or reverse a law affecting them, or would it be some other government fearful of what he will do foreign affairs wise?

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I was very, very worried when Obama took office the first time that he would have assassination attempts against him because there was hate against him for the simple reason he was black. Thank God this never happened. I think Trump will be okay too.

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If there is an attempt a millisecond or two after his inauguration should be soon enough however the problem isn’t Trump but the people who voted for him.

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As The Left has co opted the one- size- fits- all buzzword “hate” (meaning anything one either doesn’t support or hasn’t bothered to understand to any real depth) for themselves to leverage against others.

So, clearly it is impossible for someone from the anti-Trump set to hate

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Doubt it. Not from the left.

it’s far more likely that same gun-toting KKK (or other far right wing militia) member will see that Trump is betraying them, and do it him or herself.

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