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How has Fluther helped you make a concrete change in your life?

Asked by Trustinglife (6623points) August 5th, 2008
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I now spend many more hours on my computer!

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I can now spell “definitely” correctly.

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Oh… and I’m looking for the kind that have made a positive difference in your life.

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i now spell “Definitely” incorrectly to annoy gail. just kidding gail. you know i wouldn’t do that. though i wonder if some others do ;)

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To answer the question seriously, I think Fluther (and to a large extent, talking to people in the fluther chat room), has made me more open to new ideas/habits that I was once either unaware of or had wrongly misjudged. It’s also further increased my wishes to travel and see the most beautiful places in the world. I like to think of it as a mini melting pot of people from different ethnicity, nationalities and culture. Ideally, I would hope it gets to be even more diverse in such respect because it has to be the diversity in opinions that keeps me coming back here and wanting more.

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It’s actually been a big help breaking my sixth month middle of the night insomnia. I go to bed about 11 or so, awaken at 2 and can’t get back to sleep until 6. Before fluther, I used to pick up a book and pretty soon the night is over with no sleep. Now I jump on line, answer a couple of questions and I hop into bed. I don’t know why but it seems to relax me enough to sleep. No more 3AM runs to Filiberto’s sadly – but that’ll be good in the long run I’m sure

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@baseballnut – lucky you. fluther only adds to my insomnia :)

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I now type you instead of u, most of the time. I also ask alot of other people the questions I think are interesting on fluther no matter how random. Let’s just say people think I’m losing it.

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Im more openminded and my beliefs i feel are subject to change from some things ive learned here. Not all but i try to see and weigh all sides of issues more. and PnL answer 2 up about her views being broadened i feel as well.

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Yes, I now spend much more time answering and reading other people’s answers to questions posed by total strangers I don’t know and some that I actually consider friends. (Whether they know it or not!) I learn a lot and I feel smart when I can answer a question in a way that may actually help someone and that boosts my self esteem a bit. I also feel a bit less alone in this world. Yes, I’d say say that Fluther has made some concrete change in my life, and for the better.

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a yearn to check fluther at least once everyday. It’s a life changing experience everytime.

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I have really learned to keep my online temper in check. Also, my spelling is getting better to, not that it is that obvious.

Gail, say there was not a chink in the armor! ;-) Just kidding, I love you more than my spell check and my Unabridged Webster’s combined.

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I have learned to be more tolerant. I don’t mean for that to sound elitest but it’s true.

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For me it’s been a huge deterrent to loneliness, especially as I get to recognize people and have little exchanges with them.

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Susan; how about an original drawing for your atavar (or perhaps an oyster?)

PnL: I never get annoyed, remember? And I bet now that everyone knows how to spell it correctly and simply chooses not to, right?

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Are you referring to definitaly?

Just joking with you, gail. I’d never be so ignorant.

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@Eambos; do you want the job of Spelling Snob this month? Just ask.

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It is entertaining to me and has definitely contributed to my life by adding a new and fun element. I also really do like to help when I am able. . .and I like the personal exchanges with people who you do help. Thanks, ya’ll!

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@E:: your version is an original one; I just added it to the little list I am keeping.

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Originality is special!

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E: Isn’t it the spice of life?

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I want to answer my own question…

I learned here how to hibernate my computer rather than shut it down every night. My boot-up in the morning used to take 10 minutes, now it’s just 2! Very grateful for that change.

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@ gail I thought varity was the spice of life and originality was the nice way of saying weird.

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