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If you were to run for president. What would be your main agenda? (DETAILS )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16809points) November 14th, 2016

Please limit your answer to ONE thing that is most important to you.

Your thesis statement , or primary objective as president is__________?

As president, my first ,and most important goal to accomplish will be ________…....Or something like that.

Humor,as always, is welcome.
But serious answers would be more appreciated.

The problems with this election have been discussed.

What about solutions?

What would have inspired the non voters to come our and vote?

What issues are most important to you?

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“I want the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!” -Van Halen

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My initial reaction would be tax reform but I was so put off by the whole election process that I would probably focus on campaign reform. I would push for term limits, repeal Citizens United, restrict lobbyists and super pacs and shorten the whole primary process and the duration of the General Election campaign as well.

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Reintegration with the United Kingdom.

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Likely putting us on a better financial path.

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I know I don’t understand the country at a large scale. I would utterly fail as president. Here are my pipe dreams:

Create jobs with a program to fix up our crumbling infrastructure and implement green energy solutions, much like FDR’s New Deal.

Become far more isolationist in foreign affairs, but allow refugees from war-torn countries in. No drones, no bombs – this is why they hate us and keep attacking us in the first place. Cut back our enormous military budget.

Obamacare lives. Maybe some tweaks to help offset the cost. Children staying on their parents’ insurance till 26 is making it very expensive because we don’t have young healthy people paying into the system. I’d be willing to move that to about 24, with the ability to stay on longer in extenuating circumstances.

Pressure on colleges to reduce their tuition by instituting a fine for tuition over $30,000, with a larger fine for over $40,000.

Continue with fines for businesses that produce a lot of greenhouse gas. Subsidies for using green energy. Need to encourage green energy and unfortunately this is the only way to do it.

Legalize and tax the shit out of marijuana everywhere.

I’m well aware this probably isn’t feasible or couldn’t be paid for. I am 24, I am happy to admit I have no idea how to run a country. These are my dreams for a better future.

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Getting elected.

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How global climate change is affecting the economy.

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Suppression of my internet history.

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Cracking down on healthcare costs.

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I have to apologize for shirking the question. I see a lot of things that need to be addressed with trade-offs among them. I would get together experts in various fields and talk about short term and long term ways of restoring the middle class, easing the tension between law enforcement and local communities, providing universal health care, making higher education more affordable, switching to renewable energy and offsetting climate change.

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If I ran for president, I’d try to figure out how to deal with illegal immigration, boosting the economy, creating more jobs and balancing the budget.

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I would campaign on guaranteeing a Jurassic Park scale enclosure to contain Donald Trump in a scale model of the White House where he could get his spray tans, play golf and to where his faithful could buy tickets and throw peanuts at him while the rest of the real world continued on with the business at hand.

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