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What should every foreigner know about your country ?

Asked by Manas (97points) November 14th, 2016
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I’m sorry but I can’t begin to generalize about my country right now. We’re a mess.

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That we are incredibly diverse, and our diversity may be on display in a single place. We run the gamut of very wealthy to very poor, yet our philosophy for the most part does not consider any one person better than any other.

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That we can come together for a common cause or against a common enemy.

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@marinelife How do we define common these days?

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Germans can not be trusted.

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Right now? Don’t come here. We’ve just proven ourselves batshit insane.

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Serbia is not that cold part of Russia.

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It’s not the way you see it on TV.

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There are a lot of really good people here. We are stereotyped by our worst. Many, many of us do not agree with what’s happening now. But it’s still crazy that enough do to elect him.

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Canadians aren’t always nice.

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California is the best part.

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That the Republic of Ireland is separate from the UK and part of the EU. Also our currency is euro.

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That Scotland is part of the UK but isn’t England.

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We have running water and an incredible amounts of excess and do not fully appreciate this fact. I say this as just a week ago there was a couple of younger millennials at the butcher counter at my grocery store pondering their choice of shrimp for their cookout. I noticed their indecision and offered my suggestion for a better option. The young lady mentioned her friend was in from Europe and was essentially overwhelmed by the over abundance of offerings in our store. Her comments resonated with me as I have been to other countries and was a sober reminder as to the stark contrasts that exist here in America to other places in the world.

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Australia is not situated next door to Germany in Europe.

Kangaroos do not commonly bound down the streets here.

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@Earthbound_Misfit What do they do – shimmy?

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Germans can not be trusted.

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97% of the time when an American asks someone where they are from they are genuinely interested and not trying to negatively stereotype the foreigner. We ask as a way to connect or get to know someone.

That the US is very large and does vary from region to region.

That most Americans will try to be helpful, but there are a few obnoxious people within our borders too. Most Europeans tell me the service in America is surprisingly good relatively speaking.

You can drink our water from the tap (except in Flint, MI, but that’s another story).

We have everything from beaches, desert, prairies, rolling countryside, mountains, tropical places, temperate rainforests, 4 season climates, you name it regarding climate and topography and we have it.

We have foods from almost every country, especially in our largest cities.

Most Americans work very hard and a lot of hours.

Americans aren’t all religious fanatics.

Our votes for president are typically very close. You can’t judge all Americans by who is president or what the current political policies are.

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Every foreigner should know that my country is beautiful

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We don’t wander about the place wearing bowler hats, carrying an umbrella & brief case.
Nor do we have our noses wedged up the royal arseholes.
Above all though, foreigners should be aware that we are the best at everything, ever.

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Land, most of it beautiful. Great lakes, Niagra Falls, Grand Canyon, Maui, Alaska, Colorado, Caves.
People some nice and great and some are hateful and obnoxious. Like everywhere else in the world.
Politics, mostly dictated by the narrow minded. Some good people in there, but not enough.
Buildings, interesting but nothing like the building in Europe or the Castles in Scotland or England.
Temperature, All ranges
Entertainment show, NYC theaters are highly recommended, Disney in Florida
Keep in mind. None of these things are close to each other. The country is freaken big.
And lastly. Don’t carry a lot of cash with you no matter where you are, and keep your wallet in a secure pocket, and travel with a large group. You are less likely to be targeted by some malicious person that way. A tour group is best.
There are a lot of good people too, but it only takes one wrong person to ruin your vacation.

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Most restaurants will serve you twice what a normal person is able to eat. Tipping is expected at restaurants where your table is waited on.

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Please state your country, and feel free to add details related to any field, which you want people to know about your country.

Please mention about food, tourist destinations, best time to visit, demography and USP of your county. Do add photographs.

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USA Illinois. Best pizza, hotdogs and baseball in the WORLD! To quote @Pandora “Great lakes, Niagra Falls, Grand Canyon, Maui, Alaska, Colorado, Caves.” So many crazy beautiful places to go here in the US. Shawnee National Forest lakes, Niagra Falls, Grand Canyon, Maui, Alaska, Colorado, Caves. in Illinois is one of my local favorites. Fast Fact. It’s unique terrain is because places like the Garden of the Gods in the picture are in the shape they are in is because they sit at the edge of where the glaciers of the Ice Age stopped forming and left the land untouched by their bulldozing effect.

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German Empire.

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