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Do you have a favorite color/flavor jellybean?

Asked by Adina1968 (2752points) August 5th, 2008

My favorite is jelly belly watermelon!

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I enjoy jelly belly pear.

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Jelly Belly popcorn! Mmmm. (but too much of them make my tummy hurt!)

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@TheHaight: Me too! So odd to find popcorn fans.

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I love Jelly Belly popcorn too. But my absolute fave is either the chocolate or toasted marshmallow.

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Jelly Belly popcorn lovers unite! Everyone I know hates it!

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bad spellers of the world untie! oops. Wrong thread.

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Buttered Popcorn is weirdly addicting! I love watermelon, hot chocolate and margarita as well. Come to think of it,there aren’t ANY flavors I don’t love

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Did you ever buy those crazy Harry Potter jelly beans? Flavors like vomit, etc.. Those are my favorite cause I get to laugh my butt off when my family and friends eat them!!! They have no idea of course.

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@trudacia: my roommates were talking about them and said they really really taste like vomit, boogers, etc. Why the hell would someone make that??

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@poof so that you can watch other people eat them. It’s sooo funny!! I would never eat then myself.

All in good fun.

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Pina Colada, coconut, or anyother tropical flavor Jelly Beans is what tickles my tummy.

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@trudacia Actually, my favorite jelly beans are (or, I guess, were, since they’ve been discontinued) the grass-flavored ones. They’re strangely AWESOME.

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@macbean I guess that’s an acquired taste….

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OMFG Popcorn is the most disgusting jelly belly flavor. I always pick all of them out and then just throw them away.

JP knows where its at Juicy Pear is the greatest flavor

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me too john powell i love the pear!

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the strawberry cheesecake jelly belly is great too.

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The soda flavored ones are good. I like them all.

Have you guys seen the jelly belly flavored popsicles? They are delicious!

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Buttered popcorn used to be my favorite too, but I ate a few too many in my formative years, and now I can’t stomach more than a couple at a time… I’m with Tiny – chocolate and toasted marshmallow are the very best, especially if you eat them together – it’s like eating s’mores!

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Strawberry cheesecake? Yum! Never knew that existed. I have to try that!!

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I thought the grass ones were good too. They tasted like flowers.

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Tutti frutti? The pink one with the colored speckles….mmmmmmmmm

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Ever tried two flavours together? I like peanut butter and grape. (jelly)

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Cappuccino tastes like the real thing! So does Pina Colada.
The Harry Potter ones were pretty interesting… especially flavors like Earwax

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My favorite two-flavors-together is chocolate and pear. Mmmm!

When the Harry Potter ones were out, I chomped into a dirt-flavored one and it seriously tasted like dirt. I thought eating a normal one would make it better, so I popped a couple of watermelon ones in my mouth. Unfortunately, I did it before swallowing the dirt one. So it just tasted like… watermelon that had been dropped on the ground. It was gritty and everything! Ew.

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Jelly Belly green apple. I recently got the popsicles for my kids and they loved them.

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@ MacBean: It’s amazing what they can do with artificial flavors eh? Everything tastes so realistic.. I’ve recently just had mint chocolate gum.

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In terms of jelly belly I love watermelon, pear, peach, rootbeer, tangerine, and black licorice (the best flavor, I’m surprised no one has said it yet). The worst flavors are grape, raspberry, and blueberry. Disaster.

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First off, it has to be a Jelly Belly jelly bean. The best, in order are-
1. Licorice
2. Buttered Popcorn
3. Dr. Pepper
4. A&W Root Beer
5. Sour Cherry
6. Tabasco Cinnamon

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WOA! I’ve got the same list Chuckie, except I also mix Buttered Popcorn with Garlic and it tastes like garlic bread. We have a Jelly Belly outlet very close to our house. I buy Belly Flops and repackage them for friends.

I also will not eat anything but a Jelly Belly. I also love JB’s. They are like M&M’s but with Jelly Belly flavors on the outside. YUMMMMMM!

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That’s awesome! AstroChuck just wrote my MOST DETESTED Jelly Belly flavor list – maybe we can start an exchange program – you send me the watermelon, tutti frutti, blueberry, pear, and pina colada, okay? I’ll send you the ones on your list….

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Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn. . .and Toasted Coconut!

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Just the plain old black jelly beans which are Licorice flavored. You can buy just those so thats extra cool.

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i’m with gooch on this one.

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