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If animals had human intelligence what novel things could they do with their natural abilities?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10297points) November 14th, 2016 from iPhone

It is also fun to imagine ways that they could use their shapes and sizes to do things that they do not attempt now, that aren’t anthrocentric. Like testing flying heights as a peacock. Or, attempting to swim to the bottom of the ocean as a goldfish.

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I don’t know about the novel things but they’ll start behaving like humans.. that’s scary!!!

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Animals tend to have pretty good intelligence for their specialties already. Don’t they already tend to explore their limits? Seems to me the main things if they had more human-like thinking would be to try more (stone age) human-like things such as more tool use, more group cooperative behavior and fixed community locations with hoards of stuff (though humans might mess with them if they did), and more messing with human environments (which humans would mess with them if they did) and maybe more revenge-type violence (which humans would probably go wiping them out if they did).

Though they might make and remember more music, and develop more language, which could be cool and interesting. We might be able to communicate with them better and teach them things if they were more like us in language and socialization.

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Domestic animals would rebel agains humans and cast them out of the farms.
Kangaroos would become basketball players, boxers, or athletes (jumping in the sand thing).
Crows would become politicians, as well as chimpanzees, gorillas and pigs.
Dogs would play poker.
Snakes would become sex workers and compete with octopi on the market.
Dolphins would become registered sex offenders.
Cats would become fashion models and use their tail to carry purses.
Rats, cockroaches and flies would become spies. Bees would become the strongest information service.
Bats would be the tourist guides through the caves. They would also help archaeoligists to research catacombs and pyramids.

The humans would go vegan en masse and would not at all be so important anymore.

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@Sneki95 there are no octopi.

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@Sneki95 what would the snails do? sloths? parrots? ants?

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Ok, octopuses.
Snails and sloths would become hippies heh.
Ants would become war strategists and parrots would become singers and public speakers.

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@Sneki95 What about frogs? Tasmanian Devils? Great White Sharks? Gorillas? Porcupines? Tardigrades? Butterflies? Raccoons? American Possums? Jellyfish? Squirrels? polar bears? sea cucumbers? Hippos? Pandas?

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They could start destroying their natural habitats so life become impossible for them and for other creatures.

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Frogs would be jazz singers, Tasmanian devils and porcupines could be used as security, racoons would be thieves, possums could give self defence lesons, jellyfish would give shock therapies, squirrels would work in chocolate factories, polar bears would contunue making Coka Cola ads, hippos would create their own mafia, and pandas would become civil rights activists. Sharks and sea cucumbers would just chill in the sea, and butterflies live only for a day anyways. No idea what tardigrade is. Gorillas would be politicians, like I wrote.

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Well, without opposable thumbs their intelligence would still be limited by their lack of dexterity.
The horses might be able to plot how to open their gates and break into the feed barn but hooves aren’t very good for turning door latches and gate latches and unscrewing bucket lids and navigating the grain scoop.
Same goes for my cats, they may know where their food and litter is kept but popping the flip tops on the Fancy Feast and cleaning their own litter box would present a challenge. lol

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@Sneki95 hahaha

Ostrichs? Alpaca? Giraffes?

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Ostrichs would play ballet, alpacas would become whimsy, kinda gay actors in vampire flicks, and giraffes would replace watchtowers.

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Storks? Buffalo? Sheep?

Hyena? Penguins?


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Storks would work in the post office or lead weather news.
Buffalos would learn other words except “buffalo” and stop being real life Pokemon.
Sheep would join the Animal Liberation movement and work for the government.
Hyenas would fix their laugh.
Penguins would start working as butlers and/or librarians.
Platypi would become experts in evolutional biology and genetics because they are the only ones who know how
the fuck did they come to this world.

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