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If someone handed you a book that was a story of your life, would you read it ?

Asked by Manas (97points) November 15th, 2016
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Especially if it tells me what is going to happen in the future. I have no interest in knowing what is coming.

One important question to me: who wrote the book? If it was written by my ex-wife, it will have one slant. If it was written by my kids, quite another slant. There is no such thing as pure objectivity, so the author will take one attitude or another.

No, conceptually, this idea has no appeal whatsoever.

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I think I would. There are some questions about my past that I’ll otherwise never know the answer to.

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Sure, if only to try and prove it wrong.

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Yes, but only until the present moment. I don’t want to read my future either.

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If someone handed me a book about a woman named jca who is a government worker, single mother, blah blah blah, no, it sounds boring.

However, if someone wrote out my life story and handed it to me (written about me, perhaps as an epitath), then yes, I’d like to see how they lay it out.

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Gladly. I have had a very colorful life full of great excting moments and not so great.

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Why would I wanna read something about which I already know? I’ll write an autobiography instead for others to read..)) quiet a tall claim eh.. but who knows..!!!

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It would be interesting to read it and compare how I remember with how it really happened.

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Sure. I’d like to see how my life looks like from an outsider’s perspective and maybe how the writer added their own imagination. Could be a good read when I’m bored and just want something that can’t be taken seriously.

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Why would I want to bore myself to death?

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OH why heck YES! I would want to see how screwed up they got the story by making assumptions!

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I’d just look at the pictures

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@ucme LOL

I really don’t know. If they got things wrong, I may get really pissed off. Especially if it makes false assumptions that can harm people I care about. I would want to read it before it got published. On the other hand, I may get bored to tears. But there should be some really laughable moments and some tear jerker moments, if correctly written. But it would be really short. No really long stories worth noting. A little adventure here and there but no thriller.

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I’d love to read someone’s perspective and synthesis of my life up to this point. I don’t want to know what happens next.

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It would depend a great deal on the author. No that isn’t true. If someone puts the effort into my biography, I owe them at least the courtesy to read it.

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╬Ło, it would be a pointless read. Waste of time.

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Yes. I would cheat.

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I would certainly read it before I saw the movie

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I might if it told me things I don’t already know.

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@flutherother You mean that “lost weekend”?

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@flutherother You mean you don’t remember that time?

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I would, to see if there’s any porn I forgot about.

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@flutherother, but what about the time…oh, never mind.

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Like others have said, only if it is up till present day.

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I’d prefer the CliffsNotes.

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The things I’ve forgotten would make a book themselves but what I meant was a good biographer can provide original thoughts on a subject (ie me) even when all the bare facts are known. How others see us may not be how we see ourselves.

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