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What surprises are in store for Trump as President?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) November 15th, 2016

Pretty much as asked and I would like real answers…I know that is asking a lot of you all. As President elect, what surprises is Donald in for as he is briefed these next few weeks and months?

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If you desire “real” answers, I suggest you move this to General Section. You’re open to receiving absolutely anything in this the Social Section.

I’ll start.

He’s likely to get a rude awakening that being President is a real job.

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He’ll soon find out that as POTUS he could will be told “no” more easily than as head of The Trump Organization.

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@Hawaii_Jake It is my hope that in and around all the expected hyperbole, real observations might surface.

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I hate to be that guy @Cruiser but it should be in store

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I expect Trump to look closer at these lousy trade deals he railed about on the campaign trail and go….hmmm…these are actually well negotiated deals. lol

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Too late @ucme Thanks anyway, maybe the mods will kick it back for tweaking

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They should do, but they’re terribly inconsistent old chap

To answer the question, he’s going to be very surprised, or maybe not, when the inevitable assassination attempt comes. Genuinely think it’s going to happen, how can it not?

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I look forward to his dealing with North Korea. (I think Kim Jong Un will test him within the first 100 days of his administration.)

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@ucme The Secret Service has declared Obama has received the most death threats of any sitting President. Up 400% from Bush and over 30 a day. Could Trump beat Obama’s record? We’ll see.

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“Shooter, Donald…Duck!!”
I will never tire of that gag…ever :D

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He’ll be surprised at two things, which are somewhat related:

1) how little respect he gets from almost everyone, even his own administration.

2) how people will be actively working to thwart everything he wants to do.

This is the big leagues. Government is not for amateurs, and he is lower than an amateur.

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The White House is not as plush as I imagine his place in Trump tower is. He will probably get homesick.
Other than that, I am sure he is being seriously briefed on what he can expect from Congress, the Press, and other world leaders.Nobody is so naive as to imagine that being President is not challenging and demanding.

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I think he will be taken aback at the magnitude of the volume of things concerning the gig about which he is unaware. Were it anyone else, I would expect it to be a humbling experience. There is really only one hope for the Donald and (by implication) the rest of us. He has to appoint capable knowledgeable people. Let’s hope and pray that the pompous oaf is a quick study.

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I heard a news report that he was refusing to live in the whitehouse. He wants to stay at Trump Tower. CIA reportedly said it would be a nightmare to protect him.

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He will have to give a state of the union address without constantly referring to himself.

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He will find out he can’t push a “do over” button or go bankrupt.

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Trump has the makings of a tin pot dictator corrupted by power. I hope our democratic institutions are strong enough to hold him in check. He might find it surprising if they are.

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That investments in anything Trump will go up greatly or crash violently if his approval ratings tank in the media.

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I strongly suspect he is more moderate than we have been lead to believe.

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He’s going to need to deal with other countries. I’m sure he knows this but he can’t just tell them to suck his dick.

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That the real reason it takes forever for anything to be done is because Congress and the Senate squabble over little details until a good percentage agree to pass a bill. But their biggest squabble is just over party. Even if the other side has a good idea there will always be objections until they get everything they wanted.
It’s like a bunch of siblings fighting over who gets credit over a good ideal.
Like Obama care was actually something that Republicans championed came up with. But the Republicans who thought it was great, (Ryan was a big fan as well) didn’t want it to succeed under Obama.
Democrats, poo pooed it when Ryan talked about how it was going to work and help people out. Then when Obama suggested it. It was a winner for Dems and a loser for Republicans. I can see each of them getting mad about who should get credit. But it’s stuff like this that makes policy almost impossible to work for the people of the nation.
If only they would put the nation first and their egos and party second. What a great nation we would have.
But that isn’t happening. You would also have to unload all the lobbiest and cut off the possibility of any future contracts from bills they pass.

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I think that he will be overwhelmed by how little freedom and privacy he will have.

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@chyna, That would be nice. He would try to change all the furniture to some tacky gold.

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He has already been surprised by the fact he will have to hire 3000 people to fill all the jobs his administration requires.

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I expect a messy, confusing blitzkrieg on all sorts of counterpowers and Washington insiders to intimidate them and push the boundaries of the presidency’s powers. Much smoke and mirrors and tweets.

And I suspect he’ll get what he wants. All he needs is to nominate the right directors for the FBI and NSA. Then those can selectively release the right information at the right time, like Conway did a few days before the elections, to kill the political career of those who don’t play ball.

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@stanleybmanly, I doubt Trumo knows any “capable knowledgeable” people.

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@Judi Don’t you think he has already had a taste of invasion of his privacy as a celebrity of his magnitude? I do think the level of death threats will be a new normal for him for sure.

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@Cruiser, I think it is about to get extremely intense. I can’t imagine it.

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@Judi That is a big part of why that individual is elected President…voters believe they can handle it or why would they be in the race? The sacrifice they have to give to the office has to be enormous. Obama had to make the choice to expose his wife and 2 daughters to the scrutiny of the press and the world had to be a ginormous decision between him and Michelle and I am sure the same conversation has taken place between Donald and Melania with regards to their lives and children’s lives. Brutal place to be when family is involved.

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Right now people are walking all over him and making policy statements that he hasn’t approved. He needs to get control of that pretty quickly.

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@Cruiser, I’m talking about all the limitations that are on him. For example he has talked about wanting to spend a lot of time at Trump tower to sleep in his own bed. That would be a security and logistical nightmare and it probably won’t be allowed.
I think that this country has a lot of checks on the presidency and the job will be way less like a King than he imagines.
I’m no expert for sure but neither is he. I just think all the logistic and legal restrictions are going to drive him up the wall. I could be wrong though.
I don’t think he ever seriously considered that he would actually win and now all those little details are becoming a reality. As much as he will like the prestige and power I think the limitations will make him hate it.
Back in the 80’s I heard Ted Turner being interviewed and he was asked if he would ever run for president. He said something like, ” Heck No! I don’t want the limitations that go along with that. I can do way more good for the world as a private citizen.”

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@Judi I won’t pretend to know in the least what Trump knows or is thinking about the job that he now has to do as President. I will though offer that he is no stranger to Presidents. He seems to have been tight with the Clintons and I am pretty sure he has been to the White House many times to personally visit with each sitting President his whole adult life and attended many gala events over those years. So I pretty confident he knows a lot of what the role a President plays at least publicly.

I understand what you are trying to say here and I sense the fears you have. But I will argue that those fears about Trumps alleged inexperience is simply a narrative the Left is continuing to promote that they attempted to use, obviously unsuccessfully during the campaign.

I never wanted Trump to be our President, but now that he is to be, I for one and not afraid of the man and what he will do as our President. He is smart, VERY smart, for over 40 years he as developed hundreds of properties and built amazing buildings. It was his vision and hard work that made those projects happen…some that defied the greatest odds against him. Those project took thousands of people to build them. He has worked with architects, engineers, bankers, lawyers, mayors, Governors, heads of state from foreign countries and his resume is vast with many professional talents. So no I am not one of those that think he is lacking in the abilities to do the job as President of our country….just the opposite, I think he is well prepared. The only question in my mind is will he be able to filter his thoughts when he speaks in public or his confounded Tweets.

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@Cruiser, you and I can afford to not be afraid. We’re white, upper middle class folks.
It’s my Muslim friend who just told me he’s moving to Jordan and his friends I worry about.
I worry about the single mother who is holding on by a thread, working full time just to pay for child care whose food stamps are about to be cut again. It’s the person with a pre existing condition who will no longer have insurance. I’m in that class but since I have privilege that others don’t I’ll be able to get myself on a payroll with a group policy. Not an option for most.
It’s my gay friends who are moving up their weddings because they’re not sure if they will even be able to get married next year.
As always, it’s the people who are the most vulnerable already who will be hurt the most.

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^ I’m talking about all the limitations that are on him. For example he has talked about wanting to spend a lot of time at Trump tower to sleep in his own bed. That would be a security and logistical nightmare and it probably won’t be allowed.
He is the President and we are footing the security bill, they can have a CIA security agent at every elevator, two at every door coming and going, a detachment of SEAL team 6 on hold in the basement and another on the roof, and drones buzzing Trump Tower 24/7 while he is there….difficult maybe, but not impossible.

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And a total nightmare closing down some of the busiest streets in the nation
Remember Bill Clinton’s haircut in LA?

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He will find out that he cannot fill key staff positions with family members as he has done with The Trump Organization.

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