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Should I spend the time and redesign my website?

Asked by webmasterwilliam (160points) August 5th, 2008

I recently created the website It’s a website were people can anonymously create report cards and comments for their boss.

If multiple people report on the same boss, the website will create a consolidated report card along with reporting the individual report cards. A major goal of the website is to help bosses improve through anonymous feedback.

Some recent comments are that the website is too “cartoonish”. I would like to have some other unbiased opinions. If I were to redesign the site, I would maintain the databases and logic, but make its appearance more like the myspace model.

So, rewrite or not?

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Oh god yes, it needs a redesign. And you should rethink your advertisement placement. Your site needs a consolidated navigation menu and much more clear and concise organization. You have links all over the place, and what’s with the ones you can’t click on? If you can’t click on it, it shouldn’t be there at all. You should try looking at some websites that have excellent functionality combined with a pleasant design. Actually, Fluther is a good example of this. Myspace, however, is NOT.

You might want to consider hiring a professional web designer to help you out as well. Good luck!

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For starters I was confused by the dead links until I read “Please log in to use the blued out services.” Then I looked for where to login and it took me a while to find that link. It might be time to spruce it up. And please don’t look to myspace for inspiration.

You might want to take a look at Open Source Web Design. They provide a bunch of free templates that people contribute. You don’t even have to give them any attribution.

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Oh, so you only have 1 point of lurve, you must have signed up so you could “ask if you need to redesign your website” when really you just want to drive traffic. Nice try buddy.
And yes, it desperately needs a redesign, take a look at something like

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I thank you all for being honest and providing me feedback. My background is in programming and not web design. I had thought that myspace would be a good model to follow simply because they are so popular. I am glad you are steering me away from that model before I invest any time in it.

Again, thanks for the feedback.

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You should hire a professional user interface designer. It’ll be worth it. I quite like the idea you have, but as soon as I clicked the link I was disappointed. Invest a bit in someone who knows their stuff, and you won’t go far wrong. Good luck!

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Myspace is popular because it was one of the first and people hate to abandon services that are social. That means they still have a shitty UI that has gotten worse. All their friends are there so they put up with the crap. If myspace started today it wouldn’t get anywhere. Even Facebook is better. But both suck.

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What does the community think about using Drupal for website development?

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If you know PHP and can mold it into what you want Drupal it is great. Wordpress is really flexible too. Wordpress is easier to work with.

For what you are doing I would stick with what you have and work on the XHTML and CSS. If the logic is done just work on the UI.

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I absolutely hate Wordpress and Drupal, I can handle Javascript frameworks that give me specific functions to use around my code, but putting my work on top of a PHP framework is like trying to put a tshirt on a dog, it never works, and when it does, it takes forever and still looks bad.

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Yes – badly. Quick Tip – don’t ever use Comic Sans on a design unless necessary. I second Richard;s suggestion to hire a professional. Even if you are on a tight budget, there are always people who would do it

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@mirza: Indeed. You could probably pick up a reasonable designer for a few hundred dollars. Well worth it.

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