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What are we doing to address current tech issues on Fluther?

Asked by Mariah (25846points) November 16th, 2016

I seem to be able to post a question (only from the site, on my Mac laptop in Chrome) so I’m addressing this even though I’m not involved really.

We’re hearing your concerns and many of the mods are having the same problems asking questions.

I am healing from surgery and incapable of helping, and I’m sorry about that.

@thorninmud and @longgone are working on getting in contact with Ben and Andrew. Only they can fix this, but I think it’ll be an easy fix for them.

Thanks so much for your patience, guys. I know things are crazy in multiple senses of the word right now, and having Fluther have tech issues is just the icing on the cake!

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Side question. Has the word points been recently inserted after GA numbers and lurve numbers? Did it used to say lurve or nothing at all? It looks new to me.

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I can’t ask questions either! I’ll try that link.

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Should be fixed now. This was a new server problem on our new servers… Should be faster to fix next time if it happens again…

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Thanks @ben !

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@janbb It has a star within the brackets, normally. I’ve never seen it say “points”.

Kind of like trying to remember if someone has a moustache or not, isn’t it?

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@dappled_leaves Now it has the star again.

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Thanks Tech Team for your efforts.

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Thanks @ben. Oh, and while you are at it, can you address this issue? The lurves in my profile and responses seem to be out of sync. Sometimes I see 4 lurves for a response in my profile, but the same response on the thread only has 1 lurve.

And @Mariah, you should have been in bed. You look tired.

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Thank you all! Namaste!

The lurve in me sees the lurve in you…

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Let us know if you are having any further problems. A lot of the time the problems are to do with your browsers and settings but if enough people are experiencing problems, then it is more likely to be a central problem. So please do report it. Thanks

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Darn all first world problems, anyway.

And @Mariah you’d better get better soon or you could lose this plum job to someone else who is willing to do high quality slave labor for no reward and a long list of complaints. But really, I hope you get better soon, anyway.

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