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Why do people grind their teeth at night ?

Asked by FlutherBug (1103points) November 17th, 2016

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend recently has noticed at different times I have been grinding my teeth at night !

To my knowledge I have just been doing this recently and I don’t know why…. Could it be perhaps due to anxiety ? My boyfriend sleeps over when he notices it, could it be because of him ? How can I stop ?

Or is it totally something else ? (I have an appt with my dentist later, just wanted to ask on here first)

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It can be due to anxiety. It’s just one form of tension. I do it when I’m stressed, too. If you’re stressed about sleeping with your boyfriend, it could be because of that – I would talk with him about it if that is how you feel.

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I think at least a portion of people grind their teeth because their bite isn’t lined up. My bite was good for 40 years, and then a dentist screwed something up, and all my teeth have shifted. I know for a fact everything changed from one day to the next. I also know all my teeth have shifted, and I cannot bite lined up anymore. It’s very subtle. I only know better, because I my teeth were fine my whole life.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find out that now I gring trying to achieve a comfortable bite in my sleep.

Other reasons are anxiety and habit. There probably is additional reasons.

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I’d say you’re stressed about something. If it keeps going, talk to your dentist. You can really damage your teeth.

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My wife tells me I do it when I’m stressed.

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You really should consult with professionals for you concerns. I would start with your dentist as they routinely deal with bruxism. Bruxism according to Google could be stress or anxiety related…but don’t take my word until you talk to people who are expert with your concerns. Good luck.

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