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Why do disappointed Democrats blame Trump voters?

Asked by josie (30926points) November 18th, 2016

It was the Democrats who for years ignored their out of work labor constituency and their poverty, crime and drug tormented black constituency but had plenty of time to pursue such pressing issues as who gets to use the word marriage, who gets to pee in the Ladies Room, and to blame everything on bad cops.

It was the Democrats who put up a candidate who has scored low in popularity polls since the 90’s, and whose direct association with the Clinton Foundation was bound to attract attention.

It was the Democrats who imagined Bernie Sanders was an annoying impediment to destiny rather than a key element to assembling the coalition that elected Barack Obama. It was the Democrats who gave him and his supporters precisely nothing after the primaries except the privilege to campaign for Clinton.

It was the Democrats who, like a cocky athlete facing a weaker opponent, imagined that all they had to do was show up and victory was assured. So they played a half assed game and lost.

And now they are blaming the fans of the team they should have beaten in the first place.

Is that a symptom of something?

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Hahaha, of course it is.

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I don’t blame the Trump voters because Hillary won the popular vote.

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I’m a disappointed Democrat this election – because of SCOTUS – and I blame Hillary Clinton. She never should have run. She is a loser and she lost. Big shock. Right off the top of my head, she joins the ranks of Mitt Romney, John McCain and…oh, say, George McGovern, just to be bi-partisan.

Incidents where a good candidate could have carried the race handily.

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All this whining as a national pastime, let us rename it the Wuss – S – A

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I don’t think the Democrats blame Trump voters.

There is a lot of introspection going on, but basically Trump didn’t win, Clinton lost this. She was polarizing to the point where huge numbers of people didn’t vote for President at all. I saw one analysis that if “didn’t vote” was awarded electoral votes, it would get something like 450 electors out of 538.

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@zenvelo to be fair, every election would elect “did not vote”

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This is a situation where almost half of the electorate fell for a classic con artist. When such a thing happens, where does the blame lie? Certainly, the lion’s share of the blame lies with the con artist.

But in a case where there is no shortage of verifiable information readily available to anyone, then it’s hard to conclude that the victims of the con are innocent dupes. In some cases they are complicit in the con, willing to go along with the deception to reap a cut of the take.

In other cases, they failed to exercise due diligence by verifying what the con artist was saying, preferring to just “believe” that he would remake the world to their liking.

Some others seem to have voted for him as an expression of the urge to “try something completely different”, without having any real idea of what that something actually might be. Given the stakes in play, that’s blatantly irresponsible.

Yeah, there might be some people who fell for the con because they simply don’t possess the faculties of critical reasoning to make use of the information available. I give them a pass.

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They have to blame someone and they certainly won’t blame themselves. After 8 years of pushing their social issues down our throats and ignoring the economy, they promised more of the same. Carville said it best, “It’s the economy, stupid”.

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Trump voters are idiots.
Hillary is much more qualified and capable.
The unemployment rate is 4½%. The Donald says it’s 40–60%. How is he gonna fix it if he doesn’t even grasp what reality is?

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The US needs to seriously work on education.

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4.5% is not even close, it’s double that at least. Where did that number even come from?

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they DID vote for drumpf orange hitler

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Because they know he lied to them to get their vote, and they bought it hook line and sinker.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Where did you smoke up your numbers? Here in the San Francisco bay area, it is closer to 2.75%

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“Not my fault” mentality.

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And the republicans worked so hard with the Democrats over the last 8 years to make the country great. Yeah. They weren’t sore losers 8 years ago when Obama first took office. They weren’t sore losers when he won the popular vote and the electoral vote. Remember when the Republicans stood up and said, let’s work with Obama and put our country first and not the tea party’s interests. They have been such a huge help to Obama over the last 8 years. And remember when Santa Claus paid them a visit? Yeah. None of that happened. I’m not saying Democrats are faultless but lets not pretend that they don’t deserve any of this. Republicans now want everyone to shake hands and bow down and kiss their feet and act as if the racist obstruction didn’t happen, and that the racism that is now going to be up center stage is something that should be ignored. The way I look at it. It doesn’t matter. Both sides are always going to be in the game of cats and dogs.

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^^^Great answer there @Pandora and oh so true^^ now that they won they want every one to come together and make your country great again, as long as it’s done their way.

Mark my words at the end of this upcoming 4 years the gap between the rich and poor will be greater than has ever been,

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I only blame the Trump voters for doing something they actually did, and that is voting for Trump.

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@cazzie: More voted for Hillary than voted for Trump.

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@jca yes, I know, but it does’t matter, does it, because of the electoral college and the number of third party throw away votes cast and the number of people who stayed home and voter ID laws. I can’t blame Trump supporters for doing anything other than voting for the man. I can blame Alexander Hamilton for the Electoral College and I can blame the third party voters for throwing their votes away like tempestuous children and once again, Empathy rears it’s ugly head with the voters that stayed home. One other thing I can point to this year is the horrible voter ID laws in several States that worked exactly like the Republicans wanted them to. They were very successful, so well done in defrauding hundreds of thousands of people out of their right to vote, GOP. You are vile and unAmerican.

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I will never understand why some have a problem with showing ID to vote. You can’t drive or so much as buy a pack of smokes without ID. The number of people without ID is so statistically small that the premise that it somehow eliminates a significant % of minority vote is just a silly, condescending assumption to make.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me The voter ID laws have been structured to make it very difficult to show “acceptable” ID. And that ID alternative for those who don’t drive requires onerous efforts to get to a place that will issue it. Those efforts tend to overly burden minority populations.

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I’m calling bullshit on the whole premise.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me My mom didn’t have an ID for many years till her late 70’s.
She and my dad didn’t believe in credit. If they couldn’t save up to buy it, they didn’t buy it till they could. My mom had a picture work ID card for identification. When it came to voting she had her old voting card from way back. They lived in NYC and didn’t need a drivers license. My dad eventually got one but my mom never learned to drive. She was fine with the public transportation and my dad passed away before he even ever got a car. They saved money and purchased their first home for 25000 in Puerto Rico. My dad passed away before they were able to move in. My mom lived there for a few years and then sold it for 4 times it’s value. The only time she needed an ID strange enough was when she moved back to the states and purchased another home. It was quite annoying trying to dig up all the documentation that she was a Citizen to get a picture ID. Luckily she has children in NYC and family in Puerto Rico who could help her gather all the documentation needed.
If you pay in cash and was married and most things were under your spouse name, you don’t exist.
For a long time, most things were under my husbands name. I didn’t have a proper identity until I learned to drive. My nephews wife didn’t exist on paper either. She never worked when she lived with her parents and then got married and hasn’t worked till recently. She is almost 40 years old. Never drove a day in her life. Never had a credit card either. Nothing was in her name. And no. Taxes are not considered paperwork for a proper ID. The first time I went for my license, my birth certificate wasn’t considered enough because they didn’t do raised seals on my birth certificate. Once again, relatives in NYC had to go to city hall and submit a request for a copy with a raised seal. If I didn’t have any relatives back home, it would’ve been hell to get a copy because they don’t give you birth certificate copies without you or a family member physically being present. I had to write up a request and then get it notarized and send it to them directly before a relative could pick up the copy and they had to show their Id.
Now things might have changed since this was some years back and computers weren’t everywhere, but they certainly did not just accept sending things over the mail system.
My point is, if you dont’ have a credit history, you don’t exist. When I moved to Virginia, I couldn’t change my drivers license till I showed up with my rental agreement which had my name, my birth certificate and a utility bill under my name as well. My military dependent ID card wasn’t consider proof of residency so it didn’t matter, nor was my old Drivers license from my previous state. But I still needed them as well for photo ID. That was a problem with my mom too. The only photo ID she had was from her old job that she retired from years back. But it wasn’t considered a proper photo ID so she needed a ton of other proof.
So basically. You need a photo ID to get a photo ID. It’s a ridiculous system.

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I’m still rejecting the premise that this is somewhow going to favor the conservative vote. The minority of people that may have ID issues will eventially run into these issues somewhere else. If you can’t prove who you are or your eligibility then it is perfectly acceptable to be turned away at the polls. We do live in the 21st century.

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If you want people to show ID at the voting booth, institute a mandatory national ID.
For fucks sake, is it that hard?

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@ragingloli Aren’t all people over 18 obligated to have ID anyways? How can someone vote without an ID? That would mean s/he is not an adult/legitimate citizen of the country, right? sorry for the stupidity of the question

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@Sneki95 Actually, no ID is not always a requirement of citizenship. SS numbers are not allowed to be used as ID by law. There are a few states that may require a person to carry an ID but generally it’s not mandated. Unless you live in the forest cut off from society or live completely off others then you will need an ID at least a few times in your life. I’m pretty much required to show mine several times a day. I still don’t think having ID requirements is in any way controversial.

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There is no obligation to carry ID as long as one is willing to identify oneself. This was a case from the 1970s that went to the Supreme Court. In a consensual stop, there is not even a requirement to identify oneself.

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An out of state drivers licence was not accepted at the polls in Wisconsin. A valid ID by any other, but not at a polling booth in Wisconsin this past year.

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