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Have you ever been yelled at until you passed out?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24159points) November 18th, 2016

From a teacher to parent to anyone else?

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No, I haven’t. It saddens me to think that you asked this question because you may have.

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Can’t conceive as to how that could possibly happen, unless the yeller has halitosis maybe.

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I have been yelled at, but not with such strenth.
I don’t know what made you ask tnis, but I hope you’re ok now.

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Er… do you remember how it felt in that situation? I can’t think of how a yell can make someone pass out, unless there is something else at work here, a shockingly bad news maybe?

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No, I haven’t, although I probably fell asleep many times to escape my parents yelling at each other. I hope you are okay.

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I have, I held my breath to make myself pass out to make my mom stop yelling at me. It worked, but I also got a concussion from hitting the back of my head on a nearby table.

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