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What does Trump's daughter Ivanka have to do with anything his supporters elected him for?

Asked by flo (13313points) November 18th, 2016
She is not an elected official. Is that nepotism? Aren’t there unrelated to Trump qualified persons who could have been there instead of Ivanka?

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It is a national clearance issues. National SECRETS !

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The Capones had a business meeting with Yakuza. Or, you entered the era of the Trump dynasty reign.

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I understand how he could trust her judgement, and want her advice, but it could end up with the worst insider trading scandal ever.

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It’s ok. The Republicans would love for her to have insider trading secrets so that they will have something to impeach him with. I’m convinced they aren’t all on board with Trump. They want his Pence as their President. Trump doesn’t realize but the more he insists on family being able to double dip the more they are looking forward to impeaching him and maybe throwing some of his family members in jail. This way they can kick him out and get their man in and the Republicans that voted for him won’t protest because they will believe they were being protected from another scammer. Republicans get to look like heros in their eyes, and no more talk about changing the system. Win, Win, win. Except for Donald and his family and maybe some of his closes friends / really work buddies. Some of them will quickly turn on him when they see the wind is changing. It’s what rats do. They can eat their own with no problem or regret.

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White eye candy.

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I thought Ivanka was liberal compared to her dad?

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