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Which are the social networking sites you use other than Facebook?

Asked by imrainmaker (8203points) November 18th, 2016

Which are the sites you use for connecting with your friends / family other than Facebook and why?

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If I take your details, then I really don’t have anything else other than Facebook. Facebook is something really big here (Twister isn’t so popular) and as long as people have connection, almost every goddamned thing is put on Facebook, from personal messages to important notification. I don’t like Facebook but I have to admit that without Facebook, I’m done.

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Facebook is just the latest in a long string of social networks. It’s also the one that has lasted the longest and become the most ubiquitous.

I don’t love it, though. I really only use it because everyone else does, and nothing compellingly better has come along yet.

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So no alternative for Facebook for now..

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There are alternatives: g+, Ello, mewe, Reddit… The trick is getting all your friends and family use the same one at the same time.

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Yeah..that would be the most difficult part..had hopes for g+ but it couldn’t do much in spite of being backed by a giant like Google.

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It’s a shitty interface and makes no attempt to improve itself. Whatcha gonna do.

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Reddit. For entertainment. And to keep my eye on the large number of shit people that have flocked there.
Tumblr. For spewing my emotions into the ether. Nobody reads my blog. I also get great bird/aquarium content there. I also keep my eye on a totally different sort of shit person who tends to reside there.
Thinking about starting a Twitter for activism. But don’t use it yet.

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I like Facebook well enough. I certainly like it better than G+, Ello, and Reddit, where I’ve had accounts. I don’t connect with my family on social media (shuddering at the thought of that, honestly), so I don’t feel any particular pressure to have all my people on one site. Still, I prefer Facebook for connecting with friends and people I’ve had significant real-life interactions with.

For connecting with strangers, I’m on Tumblr and Fluther (although some of you have become friends by now, unexpectedly).

For family, I stick to email or phone calls. There’s far less room for damage that way.

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^^ why shudder with the thought of connecting?

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@imrainmaker This is it, Fluther. I do NOT use facebook, or twitter or on and on. Some actually get their “news” there.

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^^Good to hear that..)

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Same as @si3tech I do not do face book either, as for family and friends it’s Skype or email or heavens forbid just talking to them on the phone.
Fluther is my only social media that I use.

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Whatsapp and Viber. Not exactly networks, but it can help you connect.
Also, g+ and Google hangouts.

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I use facebook mostly but I never post updates, mainly use for entertainment. I

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For those who are saying Fluther is a social network site, did you all forget the post where we were told in no uncertain terms by a mod that Fluther is not a social network site:

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Must have been during my sabbatical.

But sorry to tell Bendrew: We have Q&A discussions, sure, but we also have profiles, a chatroom, private messaging, a “follow” system… we’re absolutely a social network by any meaningful definition of the term.

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@jca that question aimed to tell people this site isn’t a free-for-all site that anyone can unleash their obscene bullshit and expect everyone to lurve them like Facebook. That’s what it meant by “social site”. If you use every function of this site you can see the social aspect of it one way or another.

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@jca That statement was in no way correct, and in context, I think that was obvious. It was basically a frustrated rant… which didn’t help to make Fluther look any less like Facebook.

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I like Reddit, it’s great if you’re a nerd.

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@Berserker I like Reddit too! It’s my guilty pleasure. But I use the site strictly for information, and I mostly lurk. So according to the details Reddit isn’t qualified :p

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The founders of the site and apparently at least 23 Jellies (who gave her a “good question”) agreed with the author of the post, @dappled_leaves and @Mimishu1995. She specified in her details it’s meant to be an ”educational question and answer site.” I realize she was frustrated when she wrote it, but if the founders meant it to not be considered a social network, then we were all told very clearly (on that post) that we must honor their wishes.

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@jca I would love to see any kind of corroboration from the founders that they do not consider this a social media site.

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Other than Facebook I use Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. I tend to use Twitter to be a bit more outspoken about my political views than I would be on Facebook (as my family are on Facebook I tend to be a bit more guarded there). I enjoy Tumblr mainly for pictures and memes, nothing to deep or complicated. I use Instagram but I don’t enjoy it as much as the others.

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